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Teen Addiction Treatment

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

What Is Substance Use Disorder?

Substance use disorder is defined as the continued use of any substance in a manner that can be harmful to yourself or others. If untreated, substance-related disorders can develop into addiction.

This overrides “a person’s normal hierarchy of needs and desires and substituting new priorities connected with procuring and using the drug,” according to the National Institute on Substance Use Disorder. Therefore, a quality teen substance use disorder treatment program will make all the difference in their journey to sobriety.

How Do I Identify Substance Use Disorder in My Teen?

Symptoms of substance use disorder will vary depending on the substance. However, a teenager may attempt to conceal the warning signs. Parents should look for changes in:

  • Personal appearance
  • Health
  • Eating habits
  • Behavior around peers and adults
  • School performance

As a parent, you cannot always know what your teen is doing at all times, and nor should you. Teens deserve a certain amount of space to grow. However, it’s your parental responsibility to familiarize yourself with the different types of substances. Moreover, the patterns and symptoms of substance use disorder will not go away on their own. Educating yourself about drugs is one of the smartest things you can do.

What Are the Causes of Substance Use Disorder in Teens?

For many users, drugs and alcohol provide a means of escape. Teens may cite peer pressure, stress, or anxiety as reasons for substance use disorder, while others may claim to be experimenting and pushing boundaries.

What Types of Substance Use Disorder Should Concern Me?

In fact, any type of substance use is a cause for concern. We’ve been warned about the dangers of drugs and alcohol since we were kids. Today’s teenagers are no different, although they’ve grown up in a world in which substance-related disorders have taken on many non-traditional forms.

Once you recognize that your teen has a substance use disorder issue, it’s imperative that you seek help immediately. Teen rehab is different from adult rehab in many ways, and a holistic recovery program that includes personalized treatment, relapse prevention programming, and aftercare will not only help your teen cope with and overcome addiction, but will also strengthen the bond within your family.

Teen Substance Use Disorder Treatment At Destinations

Is your teen ready to begin on a path to sobriety? If so, consider our teen substance use disorder treatment program that will find the root causes of addiction in your child. Furthermore, our supportive staff will ensure his or her safety at all times. We take pride in providing the highest quality care for teenagers struggling with addiction. For example, our teen treatment programs include:

For more information, contact our clinical team today at 877.466.0620. This life-changing experience will create a foundation for sobriety that will last into recovery. If you’re closer to the Nevada area, check out our Las Vegas outpatient teenage rehabilitation programs.