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Codeine Addiction Treatment Program

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Drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t always involve illicit substances like cocaine and meth. Sometimes, people grow dependent on prescription medications, either their own or someone else’s. Although codeine is a useful pain reliever for many people, what happens when they can no longer function without it? That’s when codeine addiction treatment becomes necessary.

Exceptional, accessible care for teens and their families.

About Codeine and Addiction

Codeine Addiction Treatment ProgramAccording to Medline Plus from the National Institutes of Health, codeine is a prescription drug that doctors prescribe for mild to moderate pain. It’s also found in some cough syrups and cold medications. Because many teenagers who experiment with drugs and alcohol often look for substances around the home, they may discover habit-forming drugs as close as their parents’ medicine cabinet.

After extended use, users may become dependent on codeine due to its euphoric and relaxing effects. As they grow dependent on this feeling, they use more and more to feel the same way. Unfortunately, as their use increases, their likelihood of suffering withdrawal symptoms when they stop using also increases. This contributes to the vicious cycle of dependence.

Without codeine addiction treatment, they run the risk of severe consequences, including overdose, especially if they combine this drug with another depressant such as alcohol.

The Need for Codeine Addiction Treatment

Even if concerned parents clear their homes of all cold and cough syrups, that won’t necessarily end their child’s addiction to codeine. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens, teens may mix cough syrup with soda and create the habit-forming “purple drank,” also known as “lean.” Adolescents often believe they can use drugs recreationally; they don’t think they’ll become dependent on them. However, abuse can turn into dependence and addiction.

If this is the problem your family is facing, getting your son or daughter into a codeine addiction treatment program as soon as possible could be a lifesaver.

How a Codeine Addiction Treatment Program Can Help Your Teenager

Even if your teen hasn’t asked for help overcoming addiction, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to quit. In many cases, users want to stop abusing drugs and alcohol. However, she’s afraid of what detox and rehab will be like.

A codeine addiction treatment program that targets adolescents can give you and your child peace of mind. Professionals who work with this age group understand the pressures and stresses that teens face. From peer pressure and academic worries to social media anxiety, teen boys and girls deal with various issues. When they feel overwhelmed by them, they may turn to substance use as a way to cope.

Helping your child get codeine addiction treatment is the first step toward helping them get back on the right track. It also gives your entire family the chance to heal from any damage that drug and alcohol abuse caused.

Instead of choosing an all-purpose rehab facility, why not select one for your child that’s ready to meet his or her specific needs?

Sustainable Well-Being Within Your Reach

Whether your son or daughter needs a drug addiction treatment program or mental health treatment, Destinations for Teens provides exceptional care designed just for them. We only treat adolescents, but we give hope to your whole family.

Our professionals understand that substance use disorder and addiction affect more than one person. It impacts everyone around him. To that end, we focus on the family dynamic and bringing your entire family unit together again.

We provide substance use disorder treatment for:

Your child’s health and happiness are your main priorities. They’re also ours. Let our caring team provide the codeine addiction treatment that can make a huge difference for your teen and your family. Call us today at 877.466.0620 for more information.