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Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment Program

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

The number of teens using crystal meth on a regular basis remains highly alarming. From coast to coast, kids have unfettered access to this substance, causing a bevy of serious problems. To make things even worse, these problems extend beyond the kids using meth. They also affect their parents, siblings, friends, and the community. In the end, the only way to combat this problem is with crystal meth addiction treatment.

How to Find a Good Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment ProgramCrystal Meth Addiction Treatment Program

As a parent, you no doubt want to find the best care possible for your teenager. It’s not an easy thing to do. While you contemplate covering the cost and location of treatment, there should be other considerations.

This is the 21st century and as such, the addiction treatment industry has made great strides. Standard addiction treatment programs are giving way to more progressive programs. If you want the best for your teenager, then you should consider a place like Destinations for Teens. Using a progressive combination of proven treatment modalities and holistic therapies, we have created a crystal meth addiction treatment program that works.

You need to do the research and look for reputable referrals. However, you’ll ultimately have to make the best choice. The best choice will be the crystal meth addiction treatment center that uses cutting edge methods and provides results.

What Happens During Crystal Meth Addiction Treatment

As the parent, it is important that you understand the level of commitment your teenager will need during treatment. After their intake interview, your child will likely need to go through a detox program.

What’s the purpose of detox? After your teenager stops using meth, there a good chance your child will encounter significant meth withdrawal symptoms. For example, here are some of the more harrowing symptoms:

  • Wild mood swings that involve anxiety and depression
  • Blood pressure issues and breathing problems
  • Paranoia and hallucinations
  • Sleep issues
  • Tremor and convulsions

After detox, the next part of a crystal meth addiction treatment program is therapy and counseling. This is where the real work takes place. Between the teen and their counselor, there will be a lot of soul-searching. Hopefully, that process will lead to the causes of the addiction. Consequently, that should then further the development of better coping skills for relapse prevention.

Of course, the final step of crystal meth addiction treatment is arming the patient with aftercare resources. For your teenager, that’s the best way to assure you can find them support during trying times.

More About Destinations for Teens

The key to successfully treating teens is having an understanding of how they feel as well as what moves them towards change. At our Woodland Hills facility, we strive to create a comfortable environment for teens. As for treatment, we use a combination of holistic treatment options in conjunction with evidence-based modalities. The results speak for themselves. Destinations for Teens crystal meth addiction treatment program includes:

If your teen has an addiction to crystal meth, then you need to have a serious plan of action. Your child is playing with a substance that can ruin their life. Before it’s too late, you need to get them into a viable crystal meth addiction treatment facility. Better yet, Destinations for Teens would be the best choice because of our focus on the problems of teens. For more information about our treatment options, please call 877.466.0620.