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Avoidant Personality Disorder Treatment Center

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These are trying times even for well-adjusted teens who have a good sense of themselves with a personality or psychological disorder. One such personality disorder is an avoidant personality disorder. Psychologists don’t know a lot about this disorder other than it creates serious developmental issues for teens with whom the disorder is affecting. While chronic in nature, the long-term prognosis is not good unless the individual goes through avoidant personality disorder treatment.

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Information About Avoidant Personality Disorder?

People who display the presence of avoidant personality disorder tend to have great difficulty in social settings. While they may seem fine in a close-knit group of friends or relatives, they struggle mightily when strangers are around.

The disorder manifests itself in the following ways:

A high level of social anxiety in group settings

They become introverted and inhibited

A great fear of rejection

Low self-esteem

Displaying feelings of inadequacy

A great fear of abandonment

Teens tend to turn to addictive behavior to cover anxiety

The last item on that list is very relevant to the addiction treatment community. This is one of the disorders that often prompts addiction treatment professionals to recommend dual diagnosis treatment. If a teen has a drug or alcohol addiction that’s driven by a social disorder, avoidant personality disorder treatment is not enough. The client will actually require treatment for the co-existing condition (addiction) at the same time

About Avoidant Personality Disorder Treatment

Among other treatment options, our Destinations for Teens facility offers an avoidant personality disorder treatment center in California. We offer said services either separately or as part of an addiction treatment program.

Chief among the treatment options our counselors employ for this kind of a disorder is cognitive behavioral therapy. What we find is an acute awareness of the disorder by the client holds the key to better mental health. We want the client to learn about the disorder so they can understand how it affects their own behavior. If they can recognize the behavior, they can begin building the skills they will need to change the behavior.

Another approach to avoidant personality disorder treatment is social skills training. In our avoidant personality disorder treatment center California location, we like to use group therapy sessions. In a group setting, it’s easier to get the client to open up with the other members of the group because of commonality. It’s often a slow process, but over time, the client begins to seek ways to communicate.

During the avoidant personality disorder treatment process, trust is the key to success. As long as the client trusts the people they are dealing with, and progress is very likely. Once someone violates that trust, the client becomes very susceptible to close up shop and retreat into their social anxiety. The hope is that as the client expands their social network, they will begin to understand their negative social boundaries have no foundation. As their confidence rises, they tend to come out of their shell and become more willing to participate in the world.

The Scope of What We Do at Destinations for Teens

Teens are an essential part of society, and yes, they have issues that need treatment. As part of our attempt to address the well-being of teens, we offer a wide range of services. Destinations for Teens are a teenage depression treatment center in California. Some of our services for teens:

If your teen is dealing with a significant social personality disorder, then an excellent avoidant personality disorder treatment program might be the solution. We can help with that at Destinations for Teens. For more information, please contact us at 877.466.0620.