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Teenage Process Addiction Treatment Program

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Navigating life is a complicated process, especially for teenagers. Life itself bombards teenagers with all kinds of stimuli that can result in either good things or bad things. We hear a lot about drug and alcohol addiction among teenagers. There’s little doubt about the issues this creates for society. Unfortunately, there are other kinds of addictions that are also just as dangerous for teens. We are referring to “process addictions.” At Destinations for Teens, we do offer process addiction treatment.

What Are Process Addictions

In our teenage process addiction treatment program, we treat teens who are suffering the effects of a process addiction. A process addiction is a behavior the individual cannot stop doing. Similar to substance use disorder, process addictions create “withdrawal” when the individual tries to restrain themselves. Process addiction withdrawal takes the form of depression, anxiety, and stress when the individual fails to act out the behavior.

In our teenage process addiction treatment program, we encounter teens who are suffering from the following behavioral addictions:

Gambling Addiction

Constant needs to risk money on sports betting and games of chance

Sexual Addiction

includes obsessing about sex, acting on sexual desire, viewing porn or having sex with multiple partners

Food Addiction

Obsession with eating large amounts of food

Internet Addiction

Inability to get oneself away from texting, Facebook, and surfing the Internet


A form of self-mutilation

About Process Addiction Treatment

Experts also refer to process addictions as compulsive behaviors. The addiction sufferer uses their addictive behavior as a way to try to control the world around them. A process addiction treatment program aims to teach the client to let go of their overwhelming desire to control everything.

Counselors will typically use an evidence-based treatment program to help modify the client’s behavior. Cognitive-Behavioral TherapyDialectical Behavior Therapy, and Motivational Therapies can be very successful when treating a process addition. For instance, our teenage process addiction treatment program includes teenage Internet addiction treatment. Our counselors face the task of getting the teen to recognize the harm their internet addiction is causing. From there, the teen will then learn how to process these impulses and turn them into more acceptable behaviors.

Many times, however, the process addiction treatment regimen will crossover into other mental and physical health issues. If this happens, the client will likely then become subject to dual diagnosis treatment to address their co-existing issues.

Exceptional, accessible care for teens and their families.

What We Offer at Destinations for Teens

Aside from our teenage process addiction treatment program, we also offer treatment programs for substance use disorder and mental health issues. Our professional staff members have at their disposal a full arsenal of the latest and most innovative treatment options. In all cases, our number one objective is to create a custom treatment program that addresses a client’s unique circumstance. Our reputation for success speaks for itself. At our Woodland Hills we offer the following services for teens:

  • Dual diagnosis with the mental health issue as the primary target
  • Inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment
  • Evidence-based treatment modalities
  • Holistic treatment therapies like music, yoga, and mindfulness
  • Alumni programs for former clients

If your teen is suffering from any kind of process addiction, you need to get them into process addiction treatment immediately. These are their formative years, and your teen deserves every chance at a normal life. If Destinations for Teen can be of service, we ask that you call our organization at 877.466.0620.