Numerous programs can help people of all ages overcome addiction and mental health problems. However, many of these programs focus on the needs of adults. For that reason, many teens and young adults struggle with mental health issues such as addiction. Fortunately, acupuncture therapy is a treatment that can help.

What Is Acupuncture Therapy?

a clinician inserts needles into skin to represent an acupuncture therapy programPeople have to know about acupuncture before they can understand how it helps teens who struggle with addiction. According to Medical News Today, it’s a type of alternative medicine that emerged in China thousands of years ago. Today, doctors use acupuncture on people of all ages who struggle with chronic pain, stress, and other problems.

During acupuncture, a trained professional uses small needles to stick into various points around the body. These needles stimulate the nerves in those areas to trigger positive responses in the brain. These positive responses are what make an acupuncture therapy program an effective treatment tool.

How Does Acupuncture Treatment Help With Mental Health Issues?

Acupuncture therapy treats mental health conditions so well because of its effect on the central nervous system (CNS). The Chinese believe that acupuncture stimulates the flow of energy throughout the body. However, researchers from Tohoku University found that it promotes blood flow.

The natural healing helps people deal with pain and the symptoms that often accompany withdrawal during addiction recovery. Meanwhile, the promotion of increased well-being helps them overcome many mood and mental health disorders. It’s also the leading reason why so many rehab centers offer acupuncture as a holistic therapy program.

Keep in mind that acupuncture isn’t just a treatment that works for adults. It also has great success in helping teens because it’s a natural way to relieve stress. After all, stress is usually the reason why teens turn to drugs in the first place.

Does Acupuncture Really Work?

It’s easy to dismiss acupuncture therapy as nothing more than another type of Eastern medicine with no scientific backing. While Eastern and Western doctors differ on why it’s beneficial, an acupuncture therapy program offers relief for many.

Due to the poor quality of studies surrounding acupuncture, it’s not certain if the practice is beneficial in all stages of addiction treatment. However, one meta-analysis from researchers at Peking University and the National Institute on Drug Abuse found that acupuncture can reduce opioid withdrawal symptoms. As acupuncture has virtually no side effects when performed correctly, there’s no harm in using it to attempt to reduce the discomfort of withdrawal.

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