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Art Therapy in Los Angeles CA

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

A teenage girl paints during art therapy in Los Angeles CAAn effective drug and alcohol addiction treatment program touches on more than physical health. Skilled professionals who understand the importance of whole-body healing usually offer a combination of therapies. In addition to evidence-based, clinical methods, many rehab facilities provide a variety of holistic treatments as well. Giving clients the chance to express themselves through music and art therapy comes with numerous benefits when overcoming addiction.

Exceptional, Accessible care for teens and their families.

Art Therapy in Addiction and Mental Health Treatment

The great thing about art therapy is that therapists don’t expect the next Picasso. Every client should feel comfortable expressing himself without worrying about the result. Your creative experience may involve lots of colorful paints on canvas, or you may prefer charcoal and plenty of paper. Of course, what matters most is unleashing your creativity and getting you into a relaxed, comfortable state.

Whether it’s a mental health disorder or substance use problem (or a combination of both), channeling creative energies through art gives clients the opportunity to express feelings in ways other than talking. They can use pictures or sculptures to convey difficult emotions.

As they become comfortable with their therapist, they begin to reap the benefits of treatment. The more they participate, by talking and learning, the better their experience will be. Active participants increase their chances of tackling tough addiction or mental health issues. When they’re able to confront these issues, they’re one step closer to healing.

Benefits of Art Therapy

Some people in addiction treatment are reluctant to delve deeply into past traumas. However, that’s what usually led to substance use to begin with. It can be difficult opening up to a counselor, especially if you feel embarrassed or ashamed. For teenagers, this can be particularly challenging.

What happens when young people can unleash their creativity in art therapy? They often feel much more relaxed. Instead of focusing on their problems, they focus on what they’re creating. They can even use their art to express their fears and anxieties.

The benefits of art therapy in Los Angeles CA include:

  • Gives clients the freedom to express themselves
  • Promotes relaxation
  • Eases stress and anxiety
  • Contributes to introspection

Teenagers often have a conflicting set of emotions during the adolescent years. If they have problems at home or school, they often don’t know how to deal with negative feelings effectively.

Some turn to drug and alcohol use. Others become overwhelmed by feelings of depression and anxiety or suffer from eating disorders as a way to cope.

If this sounds like your son or daughter, help is available.

Recovery in a Coastal Setting

Rehab facilities are all different. When it comes to the unique needs of adolescents, it’s important to find treatment designed especially for this group. Family therapy is almost always beneficial, but it’s particularly helpful for teens with mental health or addiction issues.

Adolescents who rely heavily on their families for support need them during rehab. Facilities should welcome loved ones into treatment because the teenager isn’t the only one impacted. Mental health disorders and addiction affect everyone in the family unit.

If you’re looking for a treatment center that focuses on teens and offers holistic treatments such as art therapy in Los Angeles CA, Destinations for Teens provides hope for you and your child.

Hope for Teens and Their Families

Based in Woodland Hills, our locations treat mental health disorders and addiction. We work exclusively with adolescents, with a strong focus on helping families. Our dedicated team of professionals believes that proven methods, combined with alternative treatments such as art therapy in Los Angeles CA, is an incredibly effective way to foster healing. Our programs include: You’ll do anything to help your son or daughter. Give them the best chance at recovery by calling Destinations for Teens. A mix of art therapy, talk therapy, and family counseling could give all of you the new start you want. Reach out to us today at 877-466-0620 for more information.