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If you think that drug and alcohol rehab involves endless hours of talk therapy and nothing else, think again. Many of the addiction specialists in today’s rehab facilities understand the need for well-rounded treatment plans. Participants do much more than just talk and listen. They may take part in holistic activities, such as yoga, meditation, and hiking. Surf therapy has its place in rehab, too. If an addiction replaced enjoyable hours in the ocean for your teen, help him find his way back.

Benefits of Surf Therapy in Treating Addiction

A teen girl participates in surf therapy in Los Angeles CADrug and alcohol use causes damage on several levels. It’s not only a person’s physical health that suffers; her emotional and mental health undergo distress as well. Effective addiction treatment integrates all components of her health to achieve complete wellness.

Swimming and surfing fall under the holistic umbrella of therapies that some rehabs offer. Addiction specialists recognize the need for treatment that encompasses whole-body healing.

Surf therapy, also known as ocean therapy, offers many benefits, such as:

  • Promoting mindfulness
  • Increasing confidence
  • Fostering a connection to nature
  • Relieving tension and stress
  • Contributing to restful sleep

For those thrill-seekers who fell into drug and alcohol use as a way to get a rush, ocean therapy provides a much healthier outlet.

Just as clients focus on their balance and movements on a surfboard, they can apply that same focus to living in the moment. Part of fighting addiction is dealing with a constant fixation on the past or future. Learning to live in the present is one of the useful tools clients can take with them once rehab is over.

Surf Therapy in Addiction Treatment

One of the reasons someone may turn to drug and alcohol use is because she doesn’t know how to cope with negative emotions. She’s fighting depression or unable to work through past traumas. She feels stressed out but lacks the tools or verbal skills to express her feelings.

Counselors may suggest surf therapy in Los Angeles CA as a relaxation method. When participants have fun in rehab, it doesn’t feel like work. They get the chance to express themselves verbally and non-verbally when taking part in various therapies.

Swimming and surfing are great outlets for excess energy, particularly negative energy. After a therapeutic session full of water activity, clients are relaxed and free of tension. Not only are they more likely to open up and communicate in this state, but they also sleep more soundly.

Surfing in California Treatment Centers

Finding surf therapy in Los Angeles CA is a breeze, right? After all, California’s entire coast rests against the Pacific Ocean. A beautiful year-round climate and gorgeous beaches are just two of the state’s attractions.

Surfing may be as common here as sunshine, but what if you’re looking for addiction treatment geared toward teenagers?

If your adolescent is grappling with addiction, he’s not the only one suffering. Your whole family is in crisis. To help him get back on the right track, teen-focused rehab is ideal for treatment.

Teenagers require specialized addiction programs to address their ongoing development. In addition to research-backed treatment models, surf therapy in Los Angeles CA can turn things around for your child and your family.

Addiction Treatment Designed for Teens and Their Families

Destinations for Teens provides treatment for addiction and mental health disorders at our facility in Woodland Hills, California. We’re different from most other rehabs in that we only treat adolescents. Because we understand how a teenager’s addiction disrupts the dynamics in a home, we approach treatment with the entire family unit in mind.

The therapeutic services we offer include:

Your teen can experience evidence-based treatment and alternative forms of therapy, including surf therapy, as she heals from addiction. The dedicated specialists at Destinations for Teens will be with your family as your child journeys toward recovery. Call us today at 877-466-0620 to find out more.