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3 Benefits Of Family Therapy

Individuals who become addicted to drugs or alcohol bear a heavy burden. Not only are they putting themselves and their futures at risk, but they also cause pressure on their family. Substance abuse has cascading effects on a family. That’s why family therapy is often an important part of a holistic program of treatment. Family therapy sessions seek to engage all who are touched by addiction in a mutual search for healing. These sessions recognize that the struggle of the addicted individual can have far-reaching consequences. The benefits of family therapy apply not just to the individual but all family members and can become a source of strength in supporting recovery from substance abuse.

Importance of Therapy in Addiction Treatment

You might wonder why therapy is part of addiction treatment. After all, if you stop using drugs or alcohol, things could go back to normal. If only it were that easy. Substance abuse unleashes powerful forces on your body. By repeatedly ingesting drugs or alcohol, you are altering the balance of your brain chemicals. This triggers significant changes in behavior. Your tolerance for risk goes up, and your ability to make good judgments goes down. Therapy remains central to the process of addiction recovery. Working with a counselor or psychologist trained in addiction medicine, you unravel the circumstances that led to your addiction. Addiction therapy can take on many forms — individual and with groups. Sometimes family therapy is a crucial part of the plan. Alternative forms of therapy are also possible.

Three Benefits of Family Therapy

We won’t pretend that family therapy will be easy. It requires commitment, patience, and listening ears. If you overcome the painful parts, you can emerge stronger, both as an individual and as a family. Three principal benefits of family therapy include:

  1. Building the family as a support system in the battle against addiction. The better your family understands addiction, the better they can assist you through the highs and lows.
  2. Providing support for family members who themselves are impacted by addiction. Substance abuse is shouldered mainly by the individual, but its effects extend across the family unit.
  3. Helps improve communication skills for an all-around better relationship. Addressing family dynamics that led to substance abuse can make for a brighter tomorrow.

Understanding the benefits of family therapy can help with recovery, especially during the most painful moments.

Other Aspects of Treatment

Family therapy can help advance your journey on recovery. However, you will face other challenges during treatment. Individual and family therapy is simply one part of a more comprehensive program. Treatment usually starts with a medical intake, where doctors establish a baseline for your mental and physical health. Based on the outcome of the assessment, you’ll receive a detailed treatment plan. The first phase of treatment typically involves detox. During detox, doctors will help you step down from your use of drugs or alcohol while addressing any withdrawal symptoms that might arise. Following the therapy phase, you will enter aftercare. Aftercare resources are designed to help you lower the prospects of a relapse. These often include additional counseling and participation in 12-step programs. Taken as a whole, the individual elements of therapy can lead you to a brighter day.

Therapy and More at Destinations for Teens

Various forms of therapy are central to any addiction recovery plan. Family therapy is important when substance abuse involves young people. These therapy sessions can help families deal with each other more healthily and produce strong accountability for the future. Let Destinations for Teens be your guide. Our doctors and clinicians’ experienced staff provides care for substance abuse, mental health, and co-occurring disorders. This includes services such as a residential treatment program, a partial hospitalization program, and others. We treat the individual and understand the impact of substance abuse across the entire family. Call Destinations for Teens at 877.466.0620 for an appointment today. A future of promise is within your grasp.