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3 Different Exercise Therapy Techniques

Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is often difficult for teens. In addition to detox, therapeutic services can help support teens to learn to become aware of the causes of their addiction and how to consistently fight their urges. Destinations for Teens’ exercise therapy program is a holistic treatment option helping teens remain sober. Learn the benefits of an exercise therapy program, how it can support teen therapy services, and finally, three different exercise techniques.

What Is Exercise Therapy?

Drug addiction does more than harm a teen’s brain development. Prolonged drug use can impact skin and hair as well as your muscles and joints. Exercise therapy supports participants in focusing on their mental and physical health as they learn to navigate their mental health conditions, substance use disorder, and in some cases, both. Destinations for Teens incorporates an exercise therapy program to help our teens relax and fully participate in our treatment. The goal of exercise therapy is to:

  • Improve bodily strength
  • Improve balance
  • Promote wellness and fitness
  • Restore ability to move confidently
  • Make participants feel empowered by their strength

As just one of our many therapeutic services, exercise therapy supplements our individual and group counseling programs as it helps our teens begin paying attention to their health and wellness.

Three Different Types of Exercise Therapy

There are many different ways that teens can participate in exercise therapy. Some of the most popular are:

Dance Movement Therapy

Sometimes it is difficult for teens to discuss past trauma. By participating in dance movement therapy, our teens can express their feelings and release their emotions.

Surf Therapy

Participating in activities such as swimming and surfing are great ways to release tension and negative energy. Water activities help our teens feel relaxed and can communicate effectively while also fighting insomnia.

Yoga Therapy

Teens will increase their strength and flexibility while helping them improve their mental wellness. Benefits of yoga include:

  • Self-awareness
  • Stress relief
  • Supports teens living in the present and not thinking of the past
  • Less anxiety and depression
  • Emotional balancing

What Are the Benefits of An Exercise Therapy Program?

There are many benefits to participating in an exercise therapy program. It is no secret that physical activity is helpful to people of all ages. For teens—especially those learning to deal with substance use disorders or mental health conditions, being physically active will help them relieve stress and focus on their wellness. According to MedLinePlus, physical activity will help teens enjoy their lives while reducing the risk of experiencing illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes later in life. The benefits of exercise therapy include:

  • Enhanced mental health
  • Improved, positive mood
  • Weight loss or control
  • Fighting insomnia
  • Think critically
  • Good judgment skills

At Destinations for Teens, we use exercise therapy as part of our treatment program. While some are structured and organized classes such as dance movement and yoga, we encourage hiking, walks, and jogs.

Destinations for Teens: Where Therapeutic Services Help Teens Heal

The negative emotions that many of our teens feel as they withdraw from drug use will be defeated through an exercise therapy program. When teens feel positive about themselves, they will actively participate in treatment and will experience long-term sobriety. Destinations for Teens’ emphasis on a variety of teen therapy services support the needs of all of our residents. From traditional individual and group counseling services to art therapy and exercise therapy, our teens experience improved moods and belief in their abilities.

Teen Therapy Services

Treating mental health conditions and substance use disorder takes more than detox—that’s just the beginning. At Destinations for Teens, we realize the power of traditional and holistic therapy practices to support our teens’ mental and physical health. Contact us [direct] to discover the power of our teen therapy services.