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Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

3 Ways to Encourage Teen Therapy for Your Child

Young adulthood is filled with angst. Between physical changes, mood swings, peer pressure, and striving for academic achievement, teen stress can be high. However, when a teen begins to exhibit severe distress, it is time to seek professional help. Teen therapy services support adolescents as they transition from adolescence to adulthood. If you are ready for your teen to begin participating in teen therapy sessions, contact Destinations for Teens at 877.466.0620 and consider motivating your teen to attend therapy in the following ways:

Normalize the Idea of Attending Therapy

The idea of sharing feelings with a counselor is often foreign to many people. For teenagers especially, who are often resistant and secretive, therapy can be intimidating. The solution: begin family therapy sessions before a problem arises. Schedule a series of sessions with a counselor specializing in teen therapy programs. This will help your teen build a connection with the concept of therapy as a tool to support mental health and well-being. Therapy sessions will also help teens understand that the common misconceptions surrounding counseling are not true.

Model Behavior: Participate in Therapeutic Services

When we’re sick, we go to the doctor. When we need our car fixed, we go to the mechanic. And if we need our haircut, we go to the barber. So, where do we go if we need clarity on a problem in our lives? You guessed it right—a therapist! If you want your teen to feel encouraged to attend therapy, why not attend counseling sessions, too? Teens might not always admit it, but they are willing to try new experiences if they see the adults in their lives taking action as well. Show your teen that you are not afraid to be vulnerable enough to understand your own behaviors and live a healthier life. By showing our teens that we have the courage to learn more about ourselves, we will be helping them to take the first step to participate in a teen therapy program.

Teen Therapy Programs Speak to the Needs of Young Adults

Like other professionals, therapists have specialties. While some therapists will focus their professional expertise on working with adults, others will focus on young children or teenagers. Teen therapy programs will focus on the needs of young adults by identifying interests and then making strong connections. By understanding teens’ interests in subjects such as music, relationships, sports, school, or the idea of freedom, therapeutic services will be engaging. In addition, teen therapy programs can be focused on group activities such as music, art, photography, or dance, allowing teens to express their feelings through creativity. These therapy programs can help teens stop acting out and focus on sharing their feelings in a constructive manner. Plus, teens enrolled in teen group therapy programs will have not only adult support but also the help of their peers.

Destinations for Teens Provides Teen Therapy Programs to Help Get Your Teen Back on Track

Teen therapy programs will help your child share their feelings in a constructive and productive manner. At Destinations for Teens, we offer intensive outpatient treatment, partial hospitalization treatment, and residential treatment to adolescents who need assistance in transforming their thoughts and actions. Therapy can happen in many contexts, including during the following activities:

  • Photography
  • Music
  • Art
  • Exercise
  • Mindfulness
  • Surf
  • Yoga

Our holistic approach always focuses on the well-being of teens. We offer a variety of teen therapeutic services, such as individual and group counseling. For families wanting to share in the therapeutic experience, we also provide separate family groups. After all, helping teens navigate their struggles demands support and understanding. If you are ready to help your teen heal and improve behavior, call Destinations for Teens at 877.466.0620 today.