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4 Signs of Depression in Teens

Teen depression isn’t normal. It is not healthy nor normal for teens to exhibit clinical depression symptoms, even though they may be moody and find it difficult to express themselves. For parents who see the signs of depression in their teenager’s behavior and actions, it is essential to seek treatment. Destinations for Teens can provide that type of help and support for many. 

When Is Teen Depression Really Worrisome?

For many parents, it’s hard to tell when teen depression is present and when a teen is just being a “normal” moody teen. It can be hard to learn this, especially when teens are often distant from their parents. Sometimes parents may not understand what’s happening because teens are so isolated in social media and with friends. Yet, if the clinical depression symptoms are present, it is critical to reach out for help as they will worsen on their own. Over time, they may lead to thoughts of suicide and death. Some of the most common signs of depression for teenager include: 

  1. Difficulty concentrating and trouble making decisions; often refusing to make decisions even when they seem critical
  2. Feelings of worthlessness and guilt, often unsubstantiated in any way
  3. Fatigue and insomnia that lasts, often with no indication of missing out on activities or experiences
  4. Pain and body aches that are not otherwise understood or have a cause, such as headaches, cramping, pains, and stomach aches that do not improve

Irritability and mood swings that seem excessive, often significantly more so than what is typical, can also be a common instance. In many situations, these mood swings are due to hormone imbalances (which can also lead to depression in itself).  In addition to this, parents need to seek treatment for teens right away if there are thoughts of suicide or they have taken any action to hurt themselves. Teen depression worsens into this in some cases, but it can also be one of the first symptoms a parent notices. If a teen is talking about death and dying often, seek out treatment.

Why Does Teen Depression Happen?

Seeing these clinical depression symptoms is complex because most parents don’t understand what could have caused this. However, teen depression can be very common. It can occur because of the intense changes in hormones that many teens experience. This may be due to genetic factors, especially if a mother or grandmother has struggled with depression.  Sometimes environmental factors also contribute to the onset of teen depression. This may include instances of intense trauma or witnessing scary events as they grew up. Even natural disasters and pandemics can lead to an onset of teen depression in many people.

Seeking Help for Teen Depression

When it comes to teen depression, the first step is to recognize help is available. At Destinations for Teens, our team can provide an assessment to look for the clinical depression symptoms, those that are most important to recognize and take action over. If present, we can offer comprehensive treatment that includes working to find solutions through medication and talk therapy. For many teens, this is what leads to emotional wellbeing and mental health improvement. Some of the treatments we offer include:

Act Now – Call Destinations for Teens

Teen depression is a very real risk that parents must recognize. Noticing the signs of depression for teenager behavior isn’t easy to do. Yet, professionals can navigate these complex situations to learn more about a teen’s underlying clinical depression symptoms. Our team at Destinations for Teens can provide that type of help. To learn more, call 877.466.0620 or connect with us online today.