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4 Signs of Depression in Teens

a teen looks sad on a couch talking to a therapist about signs of depression in teens

Teen depression isn’t just normal teenage moodiness. It is not healthy nor normal for teens to exhibit clinical depression symptoms, even though they may be moody and find it difficult to express themselves. For parents who see the signs of depression in their teenager’s behavior and actions, it is essential to seek treatment. Destinations for Teens can provide that type of help and support for many. Signs of depression in teens can appear in many different ways and at any time. They can also be challenging to diagnose, even for mental health professionals.

If your teen requires a teen depression treatment program, contact Destinations for Teens at 877.466.0620 to learn more about our programs in Woodland Hills, CA.

When Is Teen Depression Worrisome?

Many parents struggle to distinguish between typical teenage moodiness and signs of teen depression, especially when teens keep their distance. The prevalence of social media and strong peer bonds can make it even more challenging for parents to grasp what’s happening. However, if symptoms of clinical depression emerge, seeking help becomes imperative as they tend to escalate. Left unaddressed, these symptoms could lead to suicidal ideation.

4 Signs of Depression in Teens

Some of the most common signs of depression for teenagers include:

  1. Difficulty concentrating and trouble making decisions; often refusing to make decisions even when they seem critical
  2. Feelings of worthlessness and guilt, often unsubstantiated in any way
  3. Fatigue and insomnia that lasts, often with no indication of missing out on activities or experiences
  4. Pain and body aches that are not otherwise understood or have a cause, such as headaches, cramping, pains, and stomach aches that do not improve

Excessive irritability and pronounced mood swings beyond the norm can often occur, commonly attributed to hormone imbalances that may trigger depression. Parents should promptly seek help for teenagers displaying suicidal thoughts or self-harm actions. In some instances, teen depression can escalate to this point, serving as an early warning sign for parents. If a teenager frequently discusses death, it is crucial to pursue professional assistance.

Why Does Teen Depression Happen?

Seeing these clinical depression symptoms is complex because most parents don’t understand what could have caused this. However, teen depression can be very common. Some reasons teens may experience clinical depression include:

  • Hormonal changes in teens
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Environmental factors like trauma or scary events
  • Natural disasters and pandemics
  • Problems in the home, like a toxic environment or neglect
  • Fear of the future or feeling uncertain about life and growing up
  • Unaddressed or challenging health conditions, physical or mental

Teenagers who experience these issues often incorporate them into everyday emotions, making it challenging for parents to notice. Teens seem to be thoroughly impacted by all that surrounds them, including events happening worldwide.

How Can Destinations for Teens Help?

If you notice signs of depression in teens, seeking help is necessary. In some cases, parents can’t address clinical depression symptoms alone. That’s where our team at Destinations for Teens comes in. We are dedicated to working closely with teens and their families to help your teenager overcome depression. With our personalized approach to teen depression treatment, we can provide the tools and support needed for long-term recovery.

Through various evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness practices, our programs aim to address the root causes of your teen’s depression while equipping them with coping skills for managing their emotions.

Seeking Help for Teen Depression

When it comes to teen depression, the first step is to recognize help is available. At Destinations for Teens, our team can provide an assessment to look for the clinical depression symptoms that are most important to identify and take action. If present, we can offer comprehensive treatment that includes working to find solutions through medication and talk therapy. For many teens, this leads to emotional well-being and mental health improvement. Some of the treatments we offer include:

Our holistic and personalized approach focuses on the individual needs of each teen, addressing their mental health struggles while improving overall well-being. We understand that every teenager is unique and may require a tailored treatment plan to suit their specific needs.

Call Destinations for Teens Now for Teen Depression Help

Teen depression is a genuine risk that parents must recognize. Noticing the signs of depression in teenage behavior isn’t easy to do. Yet, professionals can navigate these complex situations to learn more about a teen’s underlying clinical depression symptoms. Our team at Destinations for Teens can provide that type of help. Call 877.466.0620 or connect with us online today to learn more.