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5 Signs Your Teen Is Struggling With Their Mental Health

Millions of teens struggle with mental health disorders all over the world. However, some teens may be unaware of their situation. Mental health is a complex subject that teenagers may not fully comprehend. Some teens are aware of their diagnosis, but because of the stigma surrounding mental health and fear of talking about their situation, they choose to suffer in silence. Knowing the signs of mental health disorders in teens can make it easier to detect and intervene early on and provide them with the help they need before the situation gets worse. Destinations for Teens can help you understand these signs and the available treatment options. Visit any of our teen treatment centers for more information.

Signs of Mental Health Distress in Teens

Mental health disorders affect our behavior. A teen struggling with a mental health condition will exhibit a set of distinct habits that traces back to their condition. Some of these habits include:

  • Extreme Mood Swings: It’s normal for teens to be moody sometimes. However, when a teen exhibits personality shifts that are out of character, this is a sign they may be suffering. Teens with mental health disorders will usually be abnormally aggressive, impulsive, or even exhibit inexplicable intense euphoria.
  • Poor Hygiene: Mental health distress can make an individual ignore the everyday routine of caring for themselves. If you notice that your teen ignores changing their clothes for weeks and they skip bathing, it may be an indicator of a deeper problem. The teen may be suffering from a mental health condition such as depression or bipolar disorder.
  • Declining Grades: Mental health disorders impair our brain’s capability to learn. Slipping academically occasionally is common for most teens. However, if a teenager’s grades constantly dwindle over consecutive semesters, it may be because they are struggling with their mental health.
  • Loss of Interest: Depression can make a person lose interest in almost everything. Teens love to engage in their hobbies and fun activities. If your teenager suddenly becomes detached and keeps to themselves, it may be because of an underlying issue. If it is something else that is making the teen act like that, they should be able to tell you. Otherwise, you will need to confirm their well-being with a professional.
  • Withdrawal from Friends and Family: Mental health distress has an impact on a person’s social nature. It makes people prefer isolation. Teenagers will often hide their condition out of fear of stigmatization by people. Once they isolate themselves, they may end up abusing drugs for temporary gratification. This only escalates their condition further.

Treatment at Destinations for Teens

Destinations for Teens specializes in handling addiction and mental health disorders in teens. This specialization enables our team of caregivers to offer the best service that is available. Our programs rely on therapies that increase your teen’s chances of making a complete recovery. Some of them include:

  • Internet addiction treatment: The internet is very addictive. It can make your teen feel unworthy or unfulfilled because they may compare their lives to the “perfect” lives that other people portray over the internet. Learning to control how they use the internet can make your teen feel better about themselves.
  • Yoga therapy services: Yoga helps in releasing built-up tension. Besides, it helps strengthen your teen’s spirituality, and it enhances the flow of energy in the body. Overall, it improves mental health.
  • LGBTQ support services: This service caters to teens who identify as members of the LGBTQ community. The members of these communities will get treatment in a comfortable and supportive setting.
  • Drug addiction treatment: Untreated mental health disorders can lead to drug addiction in teens. Destinations for Teens can treat both your teen’s substance abuse and mental health disorder simultaneously with our dual diagnosis treatment program.

Contact Destinations for Teens Today

Your teen’s mental health is important. When their mind is healthy, they will be more productive. However, if they are struggling with a mental health condition, treatment options are available at Destinations for Teens. Visit or contact Destinations for Teens at 877.466.0620 today to learn more about our residential and intensive outpatient program.