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What Are the Benefits of Art Therapy?

If you have ever made art, you might notice that it brings up emotion. You might get into a zone and become totally relaxed, or you can get completely frustrated and see your inner blockages rise to the surface. Whatever happens, you tend to feel differently when you finish than you did when you started. The benefits of art therapy in addiction treatment can add to a holistic plan that leads you toward recovery.

Benefits of Art Therapy: Communication

A teen girl paints while considering the benefits of art therapySometimes it’s hard to find the right words to express yourself. Playing with images instead of words can help you explore your emotions in a new way. Creating art gives you an alternate voice. Because you’re not limited to language, you can investigate the messages that you get from your inner self in a judgment-free way. You can also use art to communicate with your therapists and peers in a rehab setting.

Benefits of Art Therapy: Stress Reduction

Studies show that people who create art for 45 minutes experience a reduction in stress hormone levels afterward. Stress management is an essential component of substance abuse treatment. If teens can develop healthy ways of coping with pressure, they can relieve mental and physical suffering. Teens who are adept at dealing with stress are also less likely to relapse.

Benefits of Art Therapy: Personal Fulfillment

By the time they attend rehab, many young people have lost hope. They aren’t sure what their purpose is, and they may wonder whether their life has any meaning at all. Creating a piece of art with their own hands gives them a sense of accomplishment. Being able to transform thoughts and ideas into a masterpiece gives them something of which they can be proud. Some people continue down a creative path. They may wish to develop their art skills further. As adults, teens who have gone through this type of therapy might want to use it to help others. Therapy through art is most effective when it is part of a holistic treatment program. Approaching substance abuse therapy using various modalities provides a comprehensive solution for healing the physical, mental and spiritual self. At Destinations for Teens, we offer a wide variety of therapeutic services targeted at young people, including:

The goal of creative therapy isn’t to make something that looks nice. Through art therapy, clients connect with themselves. Plus, making art offers an enjoyable and safe way to dig deeper into your psyche. If the benefits of art therapy sound like they could help you or a loved one get on the road to wellness, then call us at 877-466-0620 to find out more.