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Depression Treatment

Often, an individual experiences depression when negative things occur that they have absolutely no way to control or get away from. For teens and adolescents, this can be especially trying time. It is no wonder that current events have coincided with a rise in the number of people seeking depression treatment. COVID-19 has many people scared. It is something that even the experts are unsure how to handle and much of the world has been turned upside down trying to deal with the results. Those with chronic depressive disorders are finding themselves in a very bad spot and those who are experiencing situational depression for the first time are especially lost. Let’s take a look at what is happening and what you can do about getting depression treatment.

What Causes Depression

There are a few different causes of depression. The most common cause is a chemical imbalance in your brain. This can normally be treated effectively with medication. Another type of depression is called situational depression and it is caused by events that are happening around you. Some experts believe it is made worse by the feeling of having no control over the events. This is the type of depression that is seeing a drastic increase right now because of things like the stock market crash and COVID-19. Only one of these events can cause feelings of being helpless and scared. When combined, the future can appear to be nothing but bleak. It is important to seek depression treatment, which can help you weather the current storm well enough to see your way through to a brighter tomorrow.

The Danger of Not Getting Depression Treatment

Not getting depression treatment is dangerous. For some individuals, the feeling can be so strong that they turn to thoughts of self-harm. Suicide becomes a real possibility. For others, there is a type of slow suicide that can arise. This is a turning to drugs or alcohol in order to lessen the dark feelings. These things only mask the symptoms, and they end up causing even greater upheaval in the end. For a third group of people, those with chronic illness, depression can make the symptoms worse and you find yourself in a vicious circle where the depression causes the pain to worsen and then the increased pain causes you to become even more deeply depressed, and the spiral continues.

What Not to Do and What Can Help

The first thing you need to do is avoid turning to any kind of self-medication with drugs or alcohol. These things only weaken your body and mind to the point where dealing with depression becomes more difficult. What you can do is admit that you are feeling depressed and out of control. Accept that there are things occurring that justify you feeling scared and confused and you can’t control these things. Next, look for ways to feel more in control. Prepare for times when you may not be able to get out and shop for food and supplies, or they may not be available. Set up some kind of support system where you and a few others contact each other daily to check in during times of physical isolation. A short email, a phone call, anything that can feel remotely normal. And breathe.

Reaching Out to Destinations for Teens for Depression Treatment

If depression is becoming familiar to you, it is time to reach out to Destinations for Teens. Ask about our depression treatment and way we can help you or your teen. For many, the treatment will only be necessary for a short time. Others may have to have some form of depression treatment for the rest of their lives. It is worth it if you are dealing with a chemical imbalance. Don’t let depression rob you of all life has to offer. Reach out to a professional today.