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Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Exercise and Addiction Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction take over a person’s entire life. Gradually, they withdraw from everything and everyone not connected with using. Their health suffers on every level. During rehab, as they recover, they may rediscover activities they used to love, including exercise. How do exercise and addiction recovery fit together?

The Importance of Overall Health

While most people recognize the importance of physical health, they may overlook their mental and emotional health. However, total wellness includes the integration of all facets of health. When you don’t feel good physically, it affects your mood and vice versa. An exercise therapy program offers a number of benefits. Obvious ones include weight management, but even non-obvious benefits such as improved sleep contribute to good feelings. According to Medline Plus, another benefit of regular physical activity is better mental health and mood. Exercise is great for relieving stress and reducing the risk of depression, which are two contributing factors to drug and alcohol abuse.

Lasting Effects of Exercise and Addiction Recovery

When a person enters rehab, he gets to the core issues behind his addiction. He also has to learn better ways to manage anxiety, depression, and stress instead of using. This is why exercise and addiction recovery go hand-in-hand. Studies show that people who regularly work out are less likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. People who feel good about themselves have fewer reasons to want to escape by using. If they have a bad day, which everyone does at times, they may exercise to burn off a bad mood or anxiety. They may also try other things, but they’ll use productive methods to cope instead of using. When used in conjunction with evidence-based therapy, exercise is an effective part of addiction treatment, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. As a coping mechanism for negative emotions, exercise is much healthier and more positive than substance abuse. It can fit into a long-term recovery plan, especially when people choose the activities they most enjoy. Whether it’s running, hiking, swimming, skiing, yoga or dancing, there are numerous activities that improve a person’s physical, mental and emotional health.

Premier Addiction Treatment Exclusively for Teens

If your teenage son or daughter needs addiction treatment, choosing a facility that only treats adolescents can make a big difference. Destinations for Teens is one of a few rehab centers that focuses exclusively on teenagers, setting us apart in the treatment field. We understand the unique challenges that adolescents face. Our personalized approach treats teens and helps their families as well. The programs we offer include:

Understanding the benefits of exercise and addiction recovery will go a long way toward improving your child’s health. Call the compassionate staff at Destinations for Teens, and we’ll start your teen on the road to long-term sobriety. Reach out today at 877-466-0620.