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Get Help for Alcohol Addiction on National Screening Day

When you’re young, it can seem impossible to get someone to listen to you. Many teens turn to alcohol to deal with depression and other issues that seem to dominate their lives. While alcohol abuse rates have steadily declined among teens over the past few decades, it remains an issue that threatens that age group’s health and safety. National Screening Day presents a chance for individuals to get the help they need to overcome problematic behaviors tied to alcohol abuse

How Does Alcohol Tie into Depression?

People often talk about having a drink after going through a stressful experience. That’s something normal for most individuals and isn’t necessarily an indicator that they have a problem with alcohol. If you’re drinking alcohol every time you feel low or come across a difficult situation, there may be an issue.  You may suffer from depression or another form of mental illness that’s exacerbating your alcohol abuse. While not everyone who feels sad ends up drinking too much, it is a crutch young people often rely on when they feel there’s no other option open to them. Teens can be more likely to turn to alcohol because of depression.  While drinking can make you feel better in the short-term, you can end up developing alcohol addiction. Destinations for Teens is a place where young people can get help with any problems that drive their alcohol abuse. 

How Is Alcohol Harmful to Teens?

The harm of alcohol dependency in teens can include:

  • Inability to pay attention
  • Problems with memory
  • Damage to a developing brain
  • Getting into risky situations
  • Lead to acting out thoughts of self-harm

National Depression Screening Day is a good time to raise awareness around the issues of alcohol and depression among young people. Parents and teens should reach out to a doctor or other medical professional to find out where to get screened for depression and an alcohol addiction screening. 

What Is National Screening Day?

National Screening Day is designed to encourage teenagers and other age groups to evaluate whether they meet the criteria for a depression diagnosis or have issues with alcohol abuse. Unchecked diagnosis can cause a lot of negative consequences in life. Students may start experiencing bad grades, act out in different ways, and exhibit suicidal behavior.  Teens with depression may view themselves negatively or have difficulty relating to others. It can make what’s already a difficult time for many young people feel even worse. One of the difficulties is that parents may mistake various expressions of emotion as regular teenage moodiness instead of a sign that there may be deeper issues to resolve. The same thing can happen when they realize that their child may be drinking alcohol. They may think of it as teenage partying and respond with discipline when medical intervention may be needed. 

How Can National Screening Day Help?

Many parents and young people have no idea where to get started when treating substance use disorders or mental health issues. You may have to overcome internalized stigmas keeping you from recognizing the seriousness of your teen’s current situation.  Getting an alcohol addiction screening or one for depression can help you pinpoint what’s driving your teen’s behavior. Destinations for Teens is designed to help young people work through issues like mental illness and alcohol dependency. While things may seem hopeless at times, it is possible to find your way out of the dark toward a more positive future. Destinations for Teens offers a variety of programs and services to help young people, including: 

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