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How Photography Can Help Teens With Addiction

Teenagers love to take photographs and post them on social media. And why not? It’s a way to document how they identify themselves and share their ideas with the world. For teens with addiction, photography therapy is a method used to help them express their thoughts and emotions in ways that might be difficult to communicate verbally.  Photography therapy is using personal photographs as well as those taken by other people. The beauty of photography therapy is that there is no need to have background knowledge or skills to participate. In photography therapy, film and still photography are considered techniques that are helpful to teens with addiction. Therapists will instruct teens to write down their feelings and then use images to convey these images. The process of taking photographs is therapeutic as your teen will be focusing on creativity and self-expression.  Many art addiction therapies such as painting, drawing, crafts, jewelry making, and sculpting are available to teens in treatment centers. Photography is an activity that is popular for its ability to focus on self-expression. At Destinations for Teens, photography therapy is an integral part of our treatment options. Learn more about how photography can help teens with addiction by calling 877.466.0620.

Identify Artistic Talents and Creativity 

Through photography, teenagers can share their thoughts and feelings. For a teen with addiction, such therapy is critical to introduce because it will help them express their ideas artistically. For many teens, being able to share their feelings verbally is difficult. Like other art therapy programs, photography allows teens to participate in an activity without thoughts of challenges present–the only importance is creating. 

Photography Therapy Is Focused on Self-Expression 

The act of taking photographs is a way for teens to express themselves artistically. As a photographer, they will show their greatest feelings and help them understand themselves better. While some teens will focus on taking photographs of themselves, others will take pictures of objects. And the medium of photography is also open. Some teens will still use photography, while others can focus on creating films and short videos. No matter what object is captured or the medium used, the purpose is about the process of creativity. 

Teen Therapy That Focuses On An Objective Perspective 

Often, our thoughts are guarded and developed based on our beliefs. Photography provides teens with the space to view images and become mindful of their surroundings. Becoming mindful allows teens to create objective views of our images versus what we believe to be true. This is a powerful concept as it will enable teens to question what they feel versus what they see, helping them shape their realities.  Photography Therapy is a Sensory Activity  When teens are engrossed in photography therapy, they need to pay greater attention to hearing, feeling, thinking, and seeing. Through photography, teens will learn to pose questions and find answers to ideas they once found confusing. Photography will also help them navigate moments in their lives that once caused worry or anxiety. By assisting teens in understanding and learning, they can heal from the trauma present in their lives. 

Observe the Beauty of Nature 

Photography can help teens change their perspective on objects as well. Since photography is all about attitude and angles, consider how different experiences can be viewed. For instance, a rabbit hopping along can be seen as freedom, while children playing at the pool can represent joy. The purpose of art is to create meaning. With photography, teens will feel positive and engaged to continue participating. 

Addiction Therapies Help Teen Addiction 

If your teen is abusing drugs or alcohol, there is no reason they should be struggling alone. At Destinations for Teens, we provide young adults with treatment services and various types of therapy to support their needs, including:

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