a teen speaks with a counselor possibly about the differences between a php vs residential program

Partial Hospitalization Program vs. Residential Program

The teen years are naturally challenging. Young adults and their families realize that they are no longer children and not yet adults. Teens are discovering and acknowledging their identities and planning for their futures. Yet along the way, nearly 25% of American adolescents are sometimes met with challenges such as mental health or substance use…

a teen sits in a field looking off in the distance possibly pondering what is ocd

What Is OCD?

We’ve heard of teens obsessed with video games and seemingly cannot do anything else. Is this a sign of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)? Although sometimes, it can just be a passion or enjoyable pastime, some teens genuinely do suffer from OCD. Psychology Today even suggests video games can irritate OCD symptoms. If your teen is showing…

a person holds their head in a crowd of blurred people potentially a difference between anxiety vs panic disorder

Anxiety vs. Panic Disorder

The teenage years come with nervousness, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed. Teens are continually establishing their identity, realizing that they are growing up and, even more importantly, learning that they are about to be adults. No longer children, teenagers are just one step away from adulthood. As such, it is essential to understand the difference between…

a parent and child sit on a couch speaking with a counselor possibly about a residential treatment center for teens

Choosing a Residential Treatment Center for Teens

Being a teenager presents many challenges. Teens are beginning to understand their identity and have the power to make influential decisions in their lives. They also directly face peer pressure and traumas that they might not have the opportunity to navigate properly, impacting their social development. For some, this can lead to drug and alcohol…

a young person sits on a sidewalk looking up possibly experiencing a codeine addiction

Codeine vs. Hydrocodone

Codeine and hydrocodone are both opioid medications that doctors commonly prescribe as painkillers. While codeine helps treat mild to moderate pain, hydrocodone can relieve more intense pain. Both drugs can be very addictive and are responsible for more than 41 fatal overdoses daily. Teens may find codeine an easy drug to experiment with since it…

a person looks sadly at the camera possibly experiencing vicodin side effects

How Long Does Vicodin Stay in Your System?

Vicodin, which contains hydrocodone, is a powerful opiate often prescribed to relieve moderate to severe pain. However, many people also illegally use Vicodin to get high. Teens participate in pill parties and doctor shopping to get Vicodin, which provides a calming effect. According to the Partnership for a Drug-Free America, one in five teens has…

a group of three young people embrace in a circle smiling at the camera possibly in one of the many inpatient drug treatment centers

5 Expectations in a Teen Inpatient Treatment Center

More than 11 million teens have used illicit drugs in the last year, causing the need for parents to seek addiction treatment options to increase. Deciding to enroll your son or daughter in an inpatient drug center for teens can be difficult. Perhaps you feel like your teen can beat their substance use disorder on…

two parents sit on either side of a young person on a bench supporting them possibly before a teen drug treatment program

Supporting a Teen in a Drug Treatment Program

Addiction to substances such as drugs and alcohol is a challenge for teens. More than 600,000 young adults struggle with an illicit drug use disorder. If you believe that your teen has a substance use disorder, it is time to find the proper support to help them become sober. At Destinations for Teens, teen substance…

a person kneels on the floor and leans on a window possibly experiencing symptoms of cocaine withdrawal

What to Expect During Cocaine Withdrawal

Cocaine is a stimulating drug that makes teen users feel excited and ready to conquer the world. However, when the high ends, teens are left rushing to fill the void. In time, this can lead to cocaine use disorder that can truly disrupt your teen’s life. Identifying the signs of cocaine withdrawal symptoms can be…