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What Is a Substance Induced Mood Disorder?

As you seek rehab treatment for your teen, you possibly wonder, “What is a substance induced mood disorder?” This type of mood disorder is one caused by your young person’s substance abuse. Drugs, alcohol and even prescribed medications sometimes cause depression. Many people call this the “crash” of their hangover or morning after their substance abuse, but it sometimes lasts much longer than just a short-term crash.

What Is a Substance Induced Mood Disorder?

Most people who abuse drugs or alcohol do so for the high these substances produce. However, after the high wears off, the crash brings on many negative effects like substance induced mood disorder. According to Dr. Elizabeth Hartney on Verywell Mind, this low mood actually encourages them to take more of their drugs to offset the ill effects of their earlier substance abuse. This is the cycle of substance abuse that propels your teen right into addiction. One of the most critical issues in determining whether teens suffer substance induced mood disorder is that of knowing if they experienced depression before the drug use. Many teens start drinking or using drugs because of preexisting mood problems. Therefore, what looks like a crash from drugs or alcohol is possibly an actual depressive disorder. When such a disorder exists, your teen needs dual diagnosis treatment in a teenage mood disorder treatment program.

How Dual Diagnosis Treatment Helps Mood Disorders

A dual diagnosis disorder is the combined diagnosis of two conditions, addiction and a mental health problem. These two conditions feed each other. Therefore, your teen does not gain lasting recovery without treating both conditions at the same time. Otherwise, the untreated depression brings the treated addiction into relapse. Dual diagnosis treatment uses therapies, services, and medications suited to treating both of your teen’s conditions. Your child learns about both of these problems in rehab, as well as how to know if one of the conditions is heading toward relapse. Your teen also gains coping skills to avoid such relapse. Through this learning and treatment, your child can enjoy lifelong recovery. Important therapies and treatments your teen needs in rehab include:

Where Do I Find This Help for My Teen?

You find the help your teen needs for addiction with depression or substance induced mood disorder through a dual diagnosis treatment program. An excellent example of this type of program is Destinations for Teens in Woodland Hills, CA. Call Destinations for Teens now at 877-466-0620 to learn more about available programs and treatment methods. Destinations for Teens’ programs help your loved one find a brighter future after substance abuse.