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Talking To Your Teen About Alcohol

Alcohol use in the United States is a serious problem. With millions of people every year struggling with alcohol use disorder, it’s critical that parents take the necessary steps to address this with their teens. Even though talking to your teen about alcohol may not be something you planned on doing, it could help them avoid serious problems in the future. Besides, you don’t know, but your teen may be drinking already. With the staggering number of people engaging in underage alcohol abuse, it’s best to get one step ahead of any potential problems.

Statistics on Teen Alcohol Use

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has some shocking statistics about alcohol use and teens. This information may help when talking to your teen about alcohol.

  • 26.30% of children ages 12 – 17 have tried alcohol at least once in their life
  • 20.80% of these children ages 12 – 17 have drunk alcohol in the past year
  • 9% of the children 12 – 17 years old have drunk alcohol in the past month

The breakdown by school grade is as follows:

  • 7.9% of 8th graders participated in drinking alcohol in the past month
  • 18.4% of 10th graders participated in drinking alcohol in the past month
  • 29.3% of 12th graders participated in drinking alcohol in the past month

What’s even more relevant to this data is that more than half of students in 12th grade (58.5 %) will have drank alcohol at some point in their life. We know that alcohol affects people of all ages in detrimental ways. It lowers inhibitions, often leading to unsafe sexual activity. It makes teens unsafe when they get behind the wheel. And we know that more accidents occur when people are under the influence of alcohol.

Talking To Your Teen About Alcohol

When deciding to talk to your teen about alcohol, it’s helpful to have an understanding of why they may drink in the first place. In other words, what is motivating them to drink? If you can uncover a teen’s reason for drinking and address it, then they may not feel the desire to drink anymore. This often involves therapy or rehabilitation at a teen treatment center because many teens use alcohol to cope with other issues they are facing.  They may be dealing with depression, anxiety, or past trauma. There may be feelings of insecurity or inferiority, and alcohol helps them forget about it. On the other hand, alcohol may make your teen feel like they fit in with the crowd. Whatever the case may be, when talking to your teen about alcohol, you should come from an empathetic perspective. Seeking treatment together as a family will help your teen feel supported and loved. They don’t need to feel isolated or alone during this crisis time.

Find Peace and Hope at Destinations For Teens

Destinations for Teens is a place where your teen will fit in and feel supported by our compassionate staff. By using evidence-based therapy options, we treat the entire family. You can find support for and healing for everyone. Some of our adolescent mental health treatment programs include:

Your teen will be welcomed warmly by our compassionate team of doctors, therapists, and caregivers. Their professional and loving care will help your teen find inner healing. Don’t let alcohol or substance abuse interfere with your family. Talking to your teen about alcohol is the first step in the recovery process. Your family can overcome this problem by enrolling your teen in our teen alcohol addiction treatment program. To learn more, contact Destinations for Teens today at 877.466.0620   Citations National Institute on Drug Abuse, Monitoring the Future Survey: High School and Youth Trends,