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When to Intervene in Your Teen’s Process Addiction

Helping teens conquer their substance use disorders is often promoted by healthcare providers. However, teen process addiction is also a dangerous dependency that needs to be acknowledged. A teen process addiction treatment program is necessary to help young adults realize how to manage their emotions and deal with their triggers without depending on anything that will not support their development. Like substance addiction, a process addiction could be masking depression and anxiety. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 49.5 percent of adolescents have a mental health disorder. Reach out to Destinations for Teens 877.466.0620 to learn how we can supply your young adult with the tools and resources necessary to overcome their challenges.

What Is A Process Addiction?

A process addiction is a specific behavior that someone cannot stop practicing. Examples of a processing addiction include:

  • Eating large quantities of food
  • Performing self-mutilation such as cutting or carving into skin
  • Unable to stop viewing or participating in online activities
  • Gambling money or betting at games of chance
  • Watching pornography for prolonged periods
  • Obsessively participating in sexual behaviors with multiple partners

Like substance use disorders, teens with process addiction will experience withdrawals when they cannot participate in certain behaviors. As a result, they will feel stressed or have a sense of anxiety.

What Causes Teen Process Addiction?

Teen process addiction is much like substance use disorders–there is never just one reason someone has developed a dependency. Instead, there are many different variables, some of which include:

  • Growing up in an environment that normalized the behavior
  • Childhood or adult trauma that has led to mental health illness
  • Stress that is triggered and makes a teen use process addiction as a coping mechanism
  • Predisposal through biological reasons or genetic makeup.

When Is It Time To Seek A Process Addiction Treatment Program?

The short answer: when you realize your teen has a problem! A teen process addiction program is necessary to help your teen end their dependency so that they can enter adulthood without vices. Here are some warning signs that your teen needs an intervention:

  • They are spending prolonged periods thinking or actively involved in the behavior.
  • They exclude themselves from extracurricular activities, responsibilities such as school or work, and relationships.
  • Use the behavior to avoid their emotions.
  • Understand the negative impact the behavior has on their mental and physical well-being, relationships and responsibilities, yet they continue to participate.
  • Act impulsively to achieve the high associated with the gratification of the behavior
  • Experience mental distress when they cannot engage in the behavior

If you have noticed any of these signs, it is time to stage an intervention. After all, if you help a teen learn how to navigate life without these behaviors, they will not become adults who cannot manage their emotions. To begin an intervention, you need to remain positive and non-judgemental. Remember that your teen’s well-being is first and foremost, and you will help them. Come up with a plan of action and a team to support the intervention. Then, you can prepare to best help the young adult in your life heal from their challenges.

Destinations for Teens Supports Young Adults to Live Without Co-Dependencies

A process addiction treatment program will provide your teen with the support to meet their unique needs. We offer residential and outpatient programs to help teens live without dependency on substances or behaviors while preparing for adulthood. Our services include:

  • Treatment options such as music, art, yoga, photography, and mindfulness programs
  • Evidence-based treatment modalities
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • A supportive alumni program that provides a community of peers with similar experiences

Process addiction should not be ignored. Behaviors such as gambling, overeating, and sexual obsessiveness need to be acknowledged as actions impacting adulthood. Help your teen learn the correct way to handle their emotions. Reach out to Destinations for Teens today at 877.466.0620.