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Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Coverage

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Your teen’s mental and behavioral health plays a critical role in their future. Whether your teen suffers from mental health problems or an addiction, you can get them the help they need. Your Kaiser Permanente health insurance coverage enables you to afford your teen’s pathway to greater health and happiness.

So why does your teen seem to struggle with mental health issues and substance use suddenly? This is a trying time in your teen’s development. Their hormones, desire for independence, and social pressures all come together as the grounds for troubling behaviors.

Right now, your teen acts out in ways you don’t recognize. This affects your whole family. However, you can improve your family’s balance through positive relationships and healing using your Kaiser Permanente health insurance coverage.

Signs and Symptoms of Mental Health Problems

Mental health problems are common for teens. One child in every 20 suffer these concerns, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. The possible conditions they suffer include anxiety, eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, substance use disorder, or schizophrenia. Each condition manifests through its own set of symptoms.

Some signs and symptoms of mental health problems include:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Low academic performance
  • Lost interest in favorite activities
  • Sleep problems
  • Dramatic weight changes
  • Personality changes

Many teens experience lost self-confidence, as you learn through their self-deprecating comments and fear in trying new things. They lose belief in their skills, talents, and appearance. To a certain degree, this is a normal part of growth and development. However, some teens suffer a serious loss of confidence that limits their life and happiness as a result of mental health problems.

Changing grades or lower academic performance also indicates problems with your teen’s mental health and wellness. They sometimes suffer an inability to pay attention, concentration problems, and distractions leading to dramatic performance changes and lost interest in favorite activities.

Sleep changes affect most teens, as they sleep much longer. However, teens with mental health problems or substance use can stop sleeping as they should, staying awake at night and sleeping in late. Dramatic weight change is another difference you see in a troubled teen. Whether they struggle with body issues, eating disorders, or other weight-related problems, the right help is essential.

When Your Teen Needs Help

You probably spent a long time thinking your teen would improve on their own. You considered their changing moods and behaviors part of growing up. Of course, at some point, you realized your teen needs help. This motivates you to step in and help them get the mental health, substance use, or eating disorder treatment they need.

If you decide to continue waiting for your teen’s improvement, you face many risks. In fact, teens struggling with mental illness also carry a higher likelihood of addiction to drugs, alcohol, and cigarettes, according to the Journal Addiction. They also face a higher risk of suicide.

Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Coverage for Your Teen's Better Life

Treatment for your teen will very possibly save their life. Teen years prove difficult enough without the added problems of mental illness or substance use. So remember that your Kaiser Permanente health insurance coverage offers benefits for your teen’s treatment. That treatment can take place in Woodland Hills, California at Destinations for Teens.

Destinations for Teens’ programs approved by Kaiser Permanente health insurance coverage and other insurance providers include:

Your whole family benefits when your teen gains greater mental wellness or the help they need for substance use. Taking advantage of your Kaiser Permanente health insurance coverage benefits makes life happier, healthier, and more complete. Don’t put off this critical help when it is available and waiting for your teen in Woodland Hills at Destinations for Teens. Call Destinations for Teens now at 877-466-0620.