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care for teens and their families.

Dani Samson

Daniel Samson

Founder / President

A welcome message from our Founder and President, Daniel Samson.

“Destinations is one of the premier teen treatment centers in the country. Both our residential and out-patient programs are designed to support the whole family throughout their journey to sustainable wellbeing. Our dedicated team of therapists and staff are there for each teen and their family at every stage of their recovery and beyond. By providing a quality safe-haven, a full range of treatments, and an uninterrupted education, we have one of the highest rates of success in the country. Whether treating mental illness, addiction, or both, our concierge service delivers a customized program for each teen with the goal of establishing a pathway to realizing a stable and productive future. We are also one of the ONLY facilities that separates pure mental health clients from those with addiction issues.”

Clinical Leadership

Dr Baback Gabbay

Dr. Baback Gabbay, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Dr Kristen Roye

Dr. Kristen M. Roye, Psy.D.

Clinical Director

Clinical Team

dan carroll
dan carroll teen

Dan Carroll, LMFT CCTP

Program Director

Allison McIntyre

Allison D. R. MacIntyre, LMFT CCTP

Program Director

Nora Durzo Teen

Nora Durzo, LMFT CCTP

Program Director


Katy Castronovo, ACSW CCTP

Program Director

laila curtis
laila curtis

Laila Curtis, LMFT



Edgar Cruz Miranda, AMFT



Rebecca Escobar

Rebecca Escobar, AMFT


Michael Brose

Michael Brose, RAT-C

Residential Recovery Counselor


Will McGarry, CADC 1

Recovery Services Manager

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Dr. Irit Bar-Netzer, PsyD

Director of Parent Support Programs

Academics and Wellness

Scott Decker

Scott Decker, MA

Director of Education

clara mahmoudi

Clara Mahmoudi, RN

Director of Nursing

Community Relations

Kayvon Babakan

Kayvon Babakan, LMFT

Vice President of Admissions and Community Relations
selene acosta

Selene Acosta, APCC

Assistant Director of Admissions

jocelyn chavez

Jocelyn Chavez

Admissions Coordinator


Pyper Ramirez

Admissions Coordinator

Support Team

Elvis Reyes

Elvis Reyes, CPA

Chief Financial Officer
Annetta Van Buskirk

Annetta Vanbuskirk

Director of Provider Relations

Lesky Kiaee

Lesky Santos-Kiaee

Director of Human Resources

Tiffany Pineda

Tiffany Pineda

Director of Operations
Erin Clark
Erin Clark

Erin Clark

Director of Corporate Administration

Tiffany Hall

Tiffany Hall

Facility Manager

Lori Roberts

Facility Manager

Judith Aguirre