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Mental Health Facilities in California

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

More and more teens are struggling with symptoms of mental illness during their teenage years. This can be a tough time for anyone that age, but it’s even harder with a mental illness. If your son or daughter is struggling, there is hope that they can learn to overcome their symptoms of mental illness. Before getting help, it’s important to know what to look for in mental health facilities in California.

Accreditation at Mental Health Facilities in California

The first most important aspect you should look for in mental health facilities in California is accreditation. Unfortunately, many facilities offer treatment but don’t have programs that actually work. Through years of research and studies, there are specific treatment methods that help people recover. These treatment methods are evidence-based and should be used at all mental health facilities in California.

When your child goes to a facility with an accreditation, you can rest assured that they’re receiving treatment that can help. Different forms of therapy are scientifically proven to help reduce symptoms. Through these methods, your child will learn new coping skills to manage their life successfully. It’s essential that your son or daughter not spend time at a facility that doesn’t have methods that have a high success rate of recovery.

Dual Diagnosis at Mental Health Facilities in California

The primary reason for substance use is when someone is also struggling with a mental illness. This is why mental health facilities in California offer dual diagnosis treatment. This means that not only does the facility treat mental illness, but it also treats substance use disorders. Some of the most commonly used substances by teens include the following:






Teens often turn to drug and alcohol use because they don’t know of other ways to cope with their mental health. Turning to substances can be a form of self-medication that gets worse over time. At the best teen mental health treatment center in California, experts will address their substance use. Your child will learn how to manage their mental health without turning to alcohol or drugs.

Family Therapy at Mental Health Facilities in California

Some treatment centers don’t involve the family in the treatment process, and this can be harmful. For your child to truly succeed, they need support from their loved ones. Sometimes, families want to support their child, but they don’t know how to do it in the right way. At our mental health facilities in California, you’ll have family sessions to learn how to help your son or daughter in a better way.

In family therapy, you’ll learn more about the symptoms of mental illness so you can better understand what your child is going through. It’s also crucial to understand what to do and what not to do to help. As a family, you’ll begin to repair your relationship and live much better lives as a whole.

Destinations for Teens has mental health facilities in California, and we’re here to help your family begin healing. We’re a fully accredited facility, and we specialize in dual diagnosis treatment. Whether your child has substance use issues or not, we’re here to help them recover. Through our program, your child will be able to live the amazing life that they deserve. Some of the treatments we offer here include the following:

To learn more about our mental health facilities in California, don’t hesitate to call us today at 877-466-0620.