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Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

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Alcoholism is a very serious disease, and it kills thousands of people in the United States each year. A significant issue our country faces is that people often don’t think of alcohol as a dangerous substance because it’s legal. The reality is that alcohol dependence is widespread, and it fuels a person’s addiction to the substance. You may have a child who is experiencing alcohol withdrawal symptoms and needs help with his or her addiction.

Teens and Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

A teen girl lays in bed dealing with alcohol withdrawal symptomsAn issue many parents face is not knowing if their teen is merely experimenting and having fun or developing a problem. While it’s true that teens are highly likely to try alcohol before the legal drinking age, this doesn’t mean it’s normal. Many teens are dealing with mental and emotional issues and turning to alcohol as a way to self-medicate. This may leave you wondering how to tell if your son or daughter is struggling with alcoholism.

One of the main signs that your child is developing an addiction to alcohol is to look for the alcohol withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms of withdrawal only happen when a person develops a physical dependence on the substance. It takes regular, excessive drinking in order to develop a dependence on alcohol, and the symptoms can be dangerous. If you want to help your child recover from their addiction, the best thing you can do is seek help for their symptoms of withdrawal.

What are Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms?

Depending on the person, the symptoms of withdrawal can vary, but they can be psychologically and physically rough. Alcohol is much different than substances like cocaine or meth, which mainly have psychological symptoms of withdrawal. Your son or daughter may want to quit drinking, but due to the withdrawal symptoms, they can’t stop. Some of the most common symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol include the following:

  • Nausea
  • Hallucinations
  • Anxiety
  • Body tremors
  • Depression

Some parents make the mistake of trying to help their child quit cold turkey without the help of an alcohol addiction treatment program in Los Angeles CA. This is very dangerous because some of the more severe symptoms of withdrawal can include seizures and heart problems. Going to a qualified addiction treatment program assures that your child will be safe as well as comfortable. This gives your child the best chances of recovering and regaining control of their life before it’s too late.

Getting Help for Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

At Destinations for Teens, our expert staff is passionate about helping teens through withdrawal. We recommend at least a 45-day stay in our care to give our valued clients time to rid their bodies of alcohol. This also provides time to learn coping skills to help manage their addiction and sustain their recovery.

Destinations for Teens is a dual diagnosis treatment program for teens, and we’re dedicated to helping teens recover. Our program offers a wide range of therapeutic methods and levels of care to help your child live the life they deserve. Not only do we provide treatment for alcohol withdrawal symptoms, but we also treat various forms of mental illness like anxiety and depression. Through our program, your child will understand why they drink and how they can deal with life in a better way.

Some of the programs we offer here include:

To learn more about how to deal with alcohol withdrawal symptoms, give us a call today at 877.466.0620.