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Teen Drug Addiction Treatment

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Does your teen need drug addiction treatment? If so, finding the right type of rehab program holds great importance. Your teen is at a pivotal point in life. In order to achieve a better, brighter future, they need specialized treatment designed specifically for teens.

Programs designed for older adults can’t provide what your adolescent needs. Your teen needs motivation toward their education, help with family life, relationship building skills, and other life skills. Your teen also likely disagrees that they need rehab in the first place. You may even require help with an intervention.

A teen drug addiction treatment center understands these factors. Your teen and the rest of your family gain the help they need from this type of program.

Exceptional, accessible care for teens and their families.

Why Your Teen Needs Teen Drug Addiction Treatment

Teen girl who underwent drug addiction treatment at Destinations for TeensAbout two-thirds of teens drink alcohol before their senior year in high school. More than half use an illegal drug, and about 20% use prescription drugs recreationally. These statistics from the National Institute on Drug use show how common drinking and drug use are at this young age.

Teens receive many mixed signals about drug and alcohol use. This stands particularly true now in the age of marijuana legalization. More adolescents use marijuana than ever before. In fact, teens even gain knowledge of drugs like Molly and Purple Drank from popular music or their peers.

Many teens experiment with risky behaviors, such as taking drugs or alcohol. Their brain’s prefrontal cortex and other regions controlling impulses, decisions, and willpower aren’t completely developed. This biology proves why adolescents make some bad decisions.

When impulse control and negative behaviors become a problem, you need help getting your teen back on the right track. Never underestimate the importance of a teen drug addiction treatment program. Since most young people deny they need treatment, the weight of making the right decision falls on your shoulders.

Family Healing after Drug Addiction

When one member of a family uses drugs or alcohol, the whole family suffers. This stands particularly true with teen drug addiction. You worry so much about your child’s problems at this important time in life. After all, your teen faces graduation, new schools, going to college, moving away from home, starting their career, and driving a car.

All of these huge changes happen within a few years. At the same time, they physically grow and change during an emotional time of development. You know the risks of your teen’s substance use disorder and bear that weight on your shoulders every day. Their siblings and other family members do, too.

Teen drug addiction treatment provides healing for the whole family. Your family learns about common problems of addiction, including enabling and codependency. You learn signs of substance use disorder, relapse, and other issues. You also learn how to rebuild family relationships.

Teen Rehab for Mental and Physical Wellness

Destinations for Teens provides teen residential treatment in Woodland Hills, CA. We also offer outpatient, intensive outpatient, and PHP teen treatment programs in California. In addition to drug addiction treatment, the majority of teens needing drug treatment also need teen mental health treatment. At Destinations for Teens, mental wellness plays a huge role in your teen’s recovery.

Therapeutic services at Destinations for Teens includes:

Your teen is at a pivotal point in life. Getting the right help holds huge significance for their future. For your teen’s best chance of lasting recovery and mental wellness, call Destinations for Teens now at 877.466.0620.