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Heroin Addiction Treatment Program

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

About 25% of people who try heroin become dependent on the dangerous drug. The opioid receptors in your teen’s brain respond well to this drug, as it provides almost instant euphoric effects. However, after addiction occurs, your loved one needs high-quality heroin addiction treatment to stop using the drug and get back to a healthier way of life.

Exceptional, accessible care for teens and their families.

Why Heroin Develops a Hold On Your Teen

Heroin Addiction Treatment ProgramYour teen uses heroin for the intense euphoria and relaxation it brings. There is no FDA-approved medical use for heroin, so possession of the drug is a clear sign your loved one uses it for one reason only: its high. This high starts within as little as seven seconds after use, depending on how they take the drug.

Many people dislike their first heroin use. They feel nauseated and often vomit. This unpleasant reaction occurs because heroin affects the digestive tract, slowing down physical processes. Over time, however, many grow used to these effects.

Of course, the lure of heroin remains strong, even with such unpleasantness. Those who use the drug one or more times generally start experiencing significant brain changes. These changes make them feel warm, extremely happy, and relaxed. These feelings draw your teen deeper into heroin use and potential addiction.

As your teen continues going back to heroin for more of this pleasant high, their adolescent brain suffers damage from its exposure. The brain stops producing natural chemicals of pleasure and starts feeling depressed without the drug. Life loses its interest and color unless they use more heroin. This is the trap of addiction, and you need immediate help from a heroin addiction treatment program.

Long-Term Heroin Use Changes Your Teen’s Life

Using heroin time and again causes many health problems. These include effects on the nervous, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems. An opiate addiction treatment program is the only way out of these significant health risks.

Nervous system effects include brain chemical changes with some brain cells even shrinking and shriveling. The white matter of your loved one’s brain deteriorates. This is where they make decisions and regulate their behaviors. This effect is also why you no longer recognize your teen as the person you knew before heroin.

Your loved one’s respiratory system slows down because heroin sedates them. They breathe very slowly and can also stop breathing altogether. This brings the grave potential for death at any time when using the drug.

In your loved one’s cardiovascular system, heroin slows the heart and can stop it from beating. Injecting the drug damages their veins and arteries, so their body stops carrying blood to and from the heart as it should. Blood vessels swell, shrink, or close. This also causes abscesses, infections and, commonly, death.

The digestive system stops working as it should, too. It slows digestion, or the movement of food and water through the digestive passages. This brings constipation and bloating that makes your teen feel generally unwell and weak. They risk severe blockages and intestinal breakdown.

Why Your Teen Needs Heroin Addiction Treatment

Getting into a heroin addiction treatment program can change your teen’s life. This treatment takes your loved one away from the risks and lets their body start healing itself as they learn how to stop their drug use. Your loved one learns why they began abusing drugs and how to avoid relapse in the future.

Residential heroin addiction treatment likely meets the needs of your teen best. A residential heroin addiction treatment program takes them away from the environment where they buy drugs and use them. It also pulls them away from negative social ties.

Your teen deserves a better life. This better life comes from a quality mix of therapies on an individualized treatment plan. For this level of quality, take some time to find the right heroin addiction treatment for your teen’s unique needs.

Woodland Hills, CA Treatment for Teens with Heroin Addiction

Your teen’s best chance of recovery from heroin starts at Destinations for Teens’ heroin addiction treatment in Woodland Hills, California. This treatment includes a mix of therapies and programs, including:

You may not recognize your teen now. However, he or she can get back to the person you knew and loved before heroin. Through Destinations for Teens’ heroin addiction treatment, dreams for your teen’s future start coming true again. Call Destinations for Teens now at 877.466.0620.