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Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

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Once a person becomes dependent on addictive substances, breaking free of habitual use can be very difficult. Heroin is one of the most dangerously addictive drugs out there. Even when someone desperately wants to quit using, suffering heroin withdrawal symptoms often drives him or her right back into a vicious cycle. Knowing how to make it through the detox process, including dealing with the various symptoms of withdrawal, can give people hope that they’ll overcome the damaging problem of addiction.

Overcoming Heroin Addiction

Heroin Withdrawal SymptomsNo one is immune to addiction, as people from various age groups, socioeconomic levels and races can all become dependent on drugs and alcohol. Heroin is no exception.

People abuse substances for different reasons, either because drugs make them feel good or mask pain they don’t want to feel. Substance use disorder is never a solution to a problem, however, and it often creates more significant issues in someone’s life.

Are you a parent who’s worried that your teenage son or daughter is hooked on heroin? Signs that your child may be using this drug may be similar to other substances. However, certain types of paraphernalia can clue you in.

According to the Partnership for Drug-Free Kids, you should keep an eye out for any paraphernalia. You might find small plastic baggies, syringes, and burned spoons, which are common with heroin use. Track marks on your teen’s arms can also clue you in. You might even notice emotional instability or disoriented behavior.

Don’t wait for your teen to ask for help. It’s up to you to find a quality heroin addiction treatment program to help your child before it’s too late. With the right care, your son or daughter can manage his or her heroin withdrawal symptoms and move into residential or outpatient treatment that turns everything around and leads to a path to success.

The Detox Experience: Common Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms

Few people with addiction issues seek help as soon as they develop a problem. Instead, their lives often have to spiral downward and out of control before they get treatment. Many want to avoid the pain of not using, although they usually know that heroin is destroying their health, relationships, and future.

While detox isn’t easy or pleasant, it’s the first step toward a better, drug-free life. Your teen may be wondering how bad going through detox will be. According to Medline Plus, common heroin withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Anxiety and agitation
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Chills
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle aches

Due to the discomfort of withdrawal, users often do anything to prevent it.

When discussing treatment options with your child, it can help to provide a reminder that the detox process is short. After detox, your child will feel better than he or she has in a long time. With a clear and focused mind, your teen will be ready to participate in a rehab program that addresses his or her unique issues.

A Place for Hope and Healing

Your teenage son or daughter needs a place that provides empowering, compassionate addiction treatment. Destinations for Teens is that place. We’re an addiction treatment and mental health facility in Woodland Hills, California.

Although we exclusively treat teens, we help entire families. With proven therapy methods and a holistic approach, we give teens and their loved ones hope for a better future.

Our services include:

Unlike many other rehab facilities around the country, we specialize in treatment for teenagers. This not only sets us apart in the addiction field, but it also allows us to address the specific needs and issues of this age group.

Our caring team can help your adolescent son or daughter overcome addiction to heroin, alcohol, meth or another drug. Remember, heroin withdrawal symptoms are short-term and a necessary part of becoming clean and sober in the long-term. Call us today at 877.466.0620 to find out how we can help your family heal from the damage that addiction has done.