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Synthetic Drug Addiction Treatment Program

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Experts call them synthetic drugs. Unfortunately, there’s nothing synthetic about the way these drugs destroy lives. People call these “designer” drugs by really cool names like K2/Spice, Ecstasy and bath salts. Unfortunately, all these cool names do is make these substances appealing to the most vulnerable people in our society, teenagers. The reason most reputable rehabs have to maintain a synthetic drug addiction treatment program is because these substances exist at all.

What Are Synthetic Drugs and Why Are They Dangerous?

Teens exchanging drugs who are in need of a synthetic drug addiction treatment program

Some drugs, illicit and otherwise, are derived from natural substances. Drugs like prescription painkillers and heroin come from an opium poppy plant. Other examples would include cocaine that comes from coca leaves, psilocybin mushrooms (shrooms) which can be grown in dark, damp place, and of course marijuana. In most cases, people know what these substances do and how users use them.

Amateur scientists and drug manufacturers create synthetic drugs in home-grown “laboratories.” They are made from a host of unnatural substances. When the manufacturer combines these unnatural substances in a particular way, they create a certain reaction. In many cases, the synthetic drug creator intends to create a substance that emulates the effects of other drugs. They do so and drug users can purchases them for a fraction of the cost of substances like heroin or cocaine.

Like other substances, synthetic drugs come with a host of adverse side effects that includes being highly addictive. What someone becomes addicted to a synthetic drug, that person needs immediate access to a synthetic drug addiction treatment program.

The Process of Treatment in a Synthetic Drug Addiction Treatment Program

At our teen synthetic drug addiction treatment Los Angeles center, we encounter teens that enter with addictions to strange substances. It’s difficult for our clinicians to stay up with current trends because new synthetic drugs are hitting the streets every day. With that said, our clinicians will develop synthetic drug addiction treatment programs that address symptoms. If a synthetic emulates the effects of heroin, the treatment process would be the same as we would use for heroin addiction.

At all times, a synthetic drug addiction treatment program has to be flexible enough to allow for nuances. However, the treatment processes are familiar. When necessary, the client will begin treatment with a detox program. At our Destinations for Teens adolescent substance use disorder treatment centers, we prefer to outsource detox treatment.

The goal of a good detox program is to make sure the client gets safely past their withdrawal symptoms. The withdrawal symptoms from synthetic drugs can be unpredictable because staff members don’t always know what substances the drugs contain. Once the client finishes detoxing, it’s time for them to move on to therapy.

In therapy, the client will work closely with their counselors to determine the root causes of their addiction. In other words, why the client feels the desire to self-medicate. Once the client has identified their issues, the client will better understand their vulnerabilities. That allows them to develop coping skills to deal with those vulnerabilities. In the end, the client should have the tools necessary to stop relapses.

Destinations for Teens - Teen Synthetic Drug Addiction Treatment Los Angeles

Along with our synthetic drug addiction treatment program, we offer a wide range of other treatment options for teens. We not only address addiction issues, but we also provide treatment for mental health issues. Our methods derive from today’s cutting-edge methodologies that include evidence-based and holistic treatment options. Our List of services include:

If you suspect your teen uses synthetic drugs, the danger of addiction is real. The best time to get them into a synthetic drug addiction treatment program is sooner rather than later. There are simply too many unknowns to risk your child’s long term health. If Destinations for Teens can be of service, please call one of our representatives at 877.466.0620. Let’s get your teen back to living a healthy life.