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Teen Mental Health Treatment

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Mental Health Treatment at Destinations for Teens

Did you know that the majority of adolescents that struggle with addiction also require mental health treatment? In fact, there are many instances where mental health disorders play a role with a substance use disorder. If your teen is showing signs of needing mental health treatment, it may be time to seek out an available teen mental health treatment program in California. 

Why Mental Health Treatment is Vital During Addiction Recovery

From depression to anxiety or trauma, there are many mental health disorders that can influence or cause addiction. Specifically, many teens who struggle with substance use don’t even realize they have a mental health problem. Therefore, it’s vital to complete an assessment during your first days in rehabilitation to develop the proper treatment plan for your specific needs. During this process, professionals can help identify if your symptoms of mental health disorders are influencing the substance use, or if harmful substances are making symptoms of a mental health disorder worse. Regardless of which issue came first, it’s crucial to receive help for both problems. Some mental health treatment options that teens require include the following: Those within the LGBTQ+ community also need treatment that is inclusive and supportive of their unique needs and situations. Those who struggle with a mental health disorder and addiction will be best suited for a dual diagnosis program.

What is A Dual Diagnosis Program?

At Destinations for Teens, our dual diagnosis program simultaneously treats any addiction and mental health treatment. In fact, treating one without the other would create complications during recovery and higher rates of relapse. Moreover, a dual diagnosis will dive into the root causes of your addiction through therapy. Without treating both issues at the same time, teens run the risk of relapsing and beginning substance use one again. Mental health treatment allows teens to learn how to best manage their emotions and mental health while addiction treatment helps them stop their drug use. 

For example, therapeutic services of dual diagnosis include:

Exceptional, accessible care for teens and their families.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment At Destinations for Teens

As you can see, dual diagnosis treatment varies depending on each individual’s specific circumstances. However, this program is proven to generate the best results for those struggling with addiction and mental health problems. Our programs and services also provide the following treatment for harmful substances: Don’t let your teen continue on their current destructive path. Let our team of professionals help you and your family heal from substance use. To successfully find your path to overall wellness and recovery, our dual diagnosis program at Destinations can make all the difference. Mental health treatment will greatly benefit your growth away from drug and alcohol use for good. Don’t allow your addiction to take control of your life. Contact Destinations for Teens today at 877.466.0620 for more information about our teen treatment programs and admissions process