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Gaming Addiction Treatment Program

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As of yet, the medical profession has not classified video gaming addiction as a viable addiction or mental disorder. That doesn’t mean an obsession with playing video games can’t be dangerous. In fact, millions of kids all over the planet are becoming addicted to playing video games every day. As is the case with any other addiction, the last line of defense against harm is a gaming addiction treatment program.

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The Signs of Gaming Addiction

Before we address the gaming addiction treatment programs treatment process, we must first discuss the signs of gaming addiction. Experts will be quick to compare a gaming addiction to gambling addictions. That’s probably a fair comparison, considering how people can form an addiction to playing slots and video poker machines. Where euphoria is the reward for drug addiction, the prospects of winning can also create the same kinds of pleasure.

Addicted video game players are likely to exhibit both physical and psychological symptoms of addiction. Unfortunately, they are not necessarily as easy to identify as the symptoms of drug addiction. Here’s a list of some typical signs of video gaming addiction:

  • Lack of attention to personal hygiene
  • Lack of motivation to take care of responsibilities, including school work
  • Feelings of depression when not playing
  • Frequent gaming binges
  • Unwillingness to stop for things like sleeping and eating
  • Withdrawal from social interactions
  • Anger and frustration when unable to control the game

Anyone who displays these or any other similar symptoms is a good candidate for the gaming addiction treatment Los Angeles offers.

Gaming Addiction Treatment Program - The Process

Unlike other addictions, a person who suddenly stops playing video games won’t encounter traditional withdrawal symptoms. The individual might become irritable and aggressive, but seldom will that person suffer physical symptoms.

The charter of a gaming addiction treatment program is to look at the client’s behavior. In most cases, the client is going to be a teenager or young adult. That’s why Destinations for Teens maintains the best teen process addiction treatment programs Los Angeles offers.

While some holistic treatment options can be useful, we find that evidence-based treatment programs work best. The best gaming addiction treatmentin Los Angeles options include Cognitive-behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavior Therapy.

Using either of these approaches, the goals are the same. First, the counselor will work to help the client recognize the possibility a behavioral problem exists. Then, the two parties will go on a mission of self-discovery. They will be seeking to identify any possible psychological issues from which the client may be suffering. With a clear understanding of the addiction and the causes of the addiction, the counselor can then focus on behavior modification techniques.

For the client, mindfulness is a major component of being able to overcome their addiction. With an acute awareness of their vulnerability to video games, it becomes easier for them to develop appropriate coping skills. As silly as it may seem, there is a real possibility the client will never be able to play video games again.

Destinations for Teens - Helping Teens Overcome Addiction

In our Woodland Hills facility, we do offer gaming addiction treatment Los Angeles options. However, the scope of our addiction treatment goes beyond just gaming addiction treatment programs. We also treat substance use disorders and mental health issues for teenagers. By applying modern treatment philosophies, we are having great success getting our clients into recovery. Here’s some information about our facility and services:

If your teen has an addiction to playing video games, you must take steps to get them help. As fun as gaming can be, it can also be harmful. If you want information about Destinations for Teens’ gaming addiction treatment programs, please contact us as soon as possible. Staff members are awaiting your call at 877.466.0620.