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What is Gender Identity Disorder?

While we all long to feel comfortable in our own skin, it’s harder for those who feel stress or discontent with the sex and gender they were given at birth. This is known as Gender Identity Disorder, or Gender Dysphoria. However, gender identity disorder treatment will help ease your mind through the process.

During a person’s teenage years, the presence of Gender Dysphoria can lead to much confusion and anxiety. This is a time when the teen struggles to understand his or herself.

How do I identify Gender Dysphoria?

A person experiencing Gender Dysphoria will express a strong desire to be of the other gender, according to the International Foundation for Gender Education. For example, a person born with the body of a man may want to live as a woman. In fact, they want others to identify them as a woman.

What causes Gender Dysphoria?

There is no specific cause, although studies show a strong genetic component in Gender Dysphoria.

How do I treat my teen for Gender Dysphoria?

Many parents may have concerns that their teen is dressing or acting as a member of the opposite sex. However, it’s important not to add to the stress the teen may already be feeling. This is a teenager expressing his or herself in the truest way possible. In these situations, they need to feel love and acceptance within their family and circle of friends. In some cases, a gender identity disorder treatment program may be necessary to help your teen overcome anxiety or depression in Gender Dysphoria. In a holistic treatment program, your teen will feel valued, cared for, and safe.

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