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Smartphone Addiction Treatment Program

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As time and technology advance, more and more people suffer smartphone addiction. This addiction brings a range of symptoms like low self-esteem, anxiety, and depression. It also causes problems with school, work, relationships, money, and socialization. For many, these problems require the help of a smartphone addiction treatment program.

Smartphone Addiction Is Real

According to the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA), smartphone addiction is no laughing matter. A recent study from this group links addiction to smartphones to a range of mental health problems like anxiety and depression. With so much of our daily lives relying on the use of smartphones, device addiction becomes more common with each passing day and leaves many people feeling trapped by the devices we need so much.

In the RSNA study, researchers linked long-term use of smartphones to changes in brain chemical levels. They showed how the brain increases the production of GABA during addiction to smartphones. This reduces the brain’s ability to receive signals as it should. Then, in turn, motor functions and control slow.

Also according to the RSNA study, true addiction to smartphones limits the ability to finish critical daily tasks. The addiction interrupts sleep, interferes with social interactions, and causes other life damage.

Teenagers and young adults prove most vulnerable to this addiction. But help is available through the smartphone addiction treatment Los Angeles offers. This teen internet addiction treatment program Los Angeles offers takes place at Destinations for Teens in Woodland Hills.

Exceptional, accessible care for teens and their families.

How Smartphone Addiction Links to Mental Health Problems

As said before, smartphone addiction increases the brain’s GABA production. This also ties to common mental health problems like depression, insomnia, and anxiety. The RSNA study is among the first to bring a better understanding of just how much these devices affect our lives when overused. It reflects how smartphone addiction affects thinking, emotions, productivity, sleep, and daily routines.

With so many effects coming from overuse of smartphones and other devices like tablets, computers or video games, understanding of how these addictions damage lives become clearer. People suffer a wide range of problems in their finances, relationships, socialization, work, and schooling. Teens, in particular, struggle under addiction problems.

But the good news is this brain chemical change is not permanent. The study clarifies that through cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other methods of smartphone addiction treatment Los Angeles offers, the brain reduces its GABA production to normal levels. A smartphone addiction treatment program helps people with these addictions get back to healthier lives.

What a Smartphone Addiction Treatment Program Includes

A smartphone addiction treatment program works much like other addiction treatment. It provides help for understanding why and how teen electronic device addiction started, in the first place. From that understanding, treatment needs become apparent.

Teens needing help for smartphone addiction need a well-developed treatment plan. These plans include cognitive behavioral therapy, individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy. A smartphone addiction treatment program also includes relapse prevention, academic support, and coping skills development.

Smartphone addiction treatment Los Angeles at Destinations for Teens includes:

In the Woodland Hills of California, your teen gets the help and support they need to get their life back on track. Destinations for Teens provides a quality smartphone addiction treatment program that helps the whole family heal. For the future you and your teen deserve, call Destinations for Teens now at 877.466.0620.