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Teenage Internet Addiction Treatment

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What is Internet Addiction?

Internet Addiction happens when a person is incapable of separating his or herself from a computer or device for extensive periods of time. It’s more than just checking for status updates in the car, at the store, or at the dinner table. In fact, it’s excessive Internet use to the point in which it begins to interfere with a person’s life. Therefore, teenage internet addiction treatment can help clients overcome these impulses in a positive manner.

Teens who develop an Internet addiction cannot control their impulses, and their overuse threatens to damage relationships with parents and peers. Moreover, this also affects their academic and job prospects.

Why Teenage Internet Addiction Treatment is Necessary

Identifying an internet addiction can be tricky because the world has come to rely on connectivity. However, teenagers especially have grown up in a time in which cell phones are a part of life and they can form relationships through social media. Therefore, parents may not notice the signs of an addiction because they assume their teenager, like all teenagers, is simply online with friends.

To recognize the signs of addiction, parents should not only observe how much time their teen is using a computer or device, but also how they behave when they are offline. Is your teen irritable or restless once he or she is cut off from the Internet? Are they lying about their internet use, or hiding it from you?

Excessive computer use has also been linked to physical ailments. For example, this includes back and neck pain. Many addicts may also experience long periods of fatigue and sleep deprivation.

What Causes Internet Addiction?

Research has found links between internet addiction and other mental disorders such as depression. Internet Addiction can be seen as a form of coping in which the user hopes to escape. Furthermore, the user gains emotional satisfaction from being online.

What are the Different Types of Internet Addiction?

There are several specific types of Internet Addiction, which can affect people of all ages. Some of them include:

Social Media Addiction

Teens are vulnerable to this type of addiction because of their use of apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook. Negative effects of a social media addiction can include narcissism, anxiety, and faltering learning capacity.

Online Gaming Addiction:

The inability to disconnect from a game can have a devastating effect on a person’s lifestyle.

Online Gambling Addiction

A gambling addiction is an impulse control disorder in which a person achieves an emotional response through betting. The growth of online casinos threatens to create even more addicts as people now have the ability to play 24/7 without leaving their homes.

Internet Sex Addiction

A person who routinely and obsessively uses internet pornography to achieve emotional satisfaction. While not classified as a mental disorder, Internet Sex Addiction can do lasting damage to personal relationships.

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