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Cell Phone Addiction Treatment Center

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

It’s incredible to think we have reached a point in time where we have to concern ourselves with something like cell phone addiction. Unfortunately, that’s where we are today as a community of people with a severe problem to face. What makes the issue even less tenable is the fact it is affecting our young people. Indeed, cell phone addiction has become a significant problem among teenagers and young adults. In response, many addiction treatment clinics now offer cell phone addiction treatment as a regular treatment option.

What Exactly is Cell Phone Addiction?

We see it every day in our cell phone addiction treatment center here at Destinations for Teens. Kids are coming in with their parents to get cell phone addiction treatment. The first thing that becomes evident about this relatively new addiction disease is it seems to center around social media. Kids obsess over the idea of involving themselves in the world’s affairs and friend’s lives through sites like Twitter and Facebook. So, what does cell phone addiction look like?

To be clear, there are some visible signs of cell phone addiction. These are things parents can look for to determine if a smartphone addiction treatment center is worth consideration. Some primary symptoms of cell phone addiction include:

  • It’s the first thing the individual reaches for in the morning and before going to bed
  • There’s an adverse change in the individual’s ability to handle responsibilities like school
  • Individuals will use their cell phones as a coping mechanism when feeling stress
  • Feelings of withdrawal symptoms when kept away from cell phone access for a period of time
  • Difficulties interacting with people in person
  • Using the cell phone for frequent activities like checking the time
  • Dangerous activities like texting and checking social media while driving

Anyone who is experiencing any combination of these things belongs in a cell phone addiction treatment.

About Cell Phone Addiction Treatment

Our counselors at our cell phone addiction treatment center have become very proficient at dealing with teenage cell phone addiction. As for the process, it requires a slightly different approach than say treatment for drug addiction. The overriding problem is that most people use cell phones to interact with the world in which they live. It’s not reasonable to completely take cell phones out of a teenager’s life. After all, they are going to need access for some very practical reasons.

With that in mind, a counselor has to help break the cycle of total reliance on things like social media. That requires the cell phone addiction treatment process to focus on the emotional causes of the addiction. It’s not at all unusual for a teen to have co-existing conditions when they enter our program for¬†teenage internet addiction treatment in California.

The point of treatment is to help the client identify the fact they have a serious problem. They need to develop the skills necessary to cope with stress without pulling their cell phone out to escape. Recovery is not going to look like the individual is simply going to avoid all access to cell phones. Instead, recovery will be evident when the individual is able to function normally. They will use their cell phone only when necessary or for convenience.

Exceptional, accessible care for teens and their families.

What We Do at Destinations for Teens

While our services include a smartphone addiction treatment center, we offer more for teens in our Woodland Hills facility. As for our services, we mainly treat drug and alcohol addiction issues. With an emphasis on evidence-based and holistic treatment modalities, here’s a partial list of our services:

If you suspect your teen has an addiction to their cell phone, you need to get them help. Time spent in cell phone addiction treatment is the best option. For more information about our services at Destinations for Teens, please give one of our reps a call at 877.466.0620,