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Video Game Addiction Treatment Center

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Video gaming starts out innocently. Few parents see this activity as a problem at first. But when loved ones spend most of their time playing these games, more important facets of life slip into disrepair. As gaming takes over everyday life, robbing them of daily pleasures and achievements, you can see the need for teen addiction treatment, including video game addiction treatment, at Destinations for Teens provides the help you need.

Is Video Game Addiction Real?

One of the most common questions parents ask when seeking help for their teen at Destinations for Teens is, “Is video game addiction real?” Experts still argue the answer to this question. After all, these games offer some benefits. When not played too often, they help young people learn about collaboration, quick thinking, creativity, and decision-making.

But video games also cause problems for many young people who spend too much time playing at the expense of other essential activities. Adverse effects extend into schoolwork, physical fitness, family life, and also social life. For children, teens, and young adults, video games interrupt important phases of growth and development.

Video game addiction is an impulse disorder, much like shopping or gambling addiction. According to research reported throughout many sources, playing video games triggers dopamine release in the brain, much like using a drug. This raises your mood and also gives you a rush of energy. It is this rush that causes the addiction, also making quitting video games very difficult when it becomes a problem.

Unfortunately, teens do not have the life and coping skills to resist gaming when they should. So knowing it causes problems in daily life, many still turn to these games as a source of fun. This leads deeper into addiction and then forms a foundation for other addictions in the future. It also makes getting video game addiction treatment or online gaming addiction treatment in California important.

Video Game Addiction Treatment

Video games are not the problem. These pastimes offer both positive and negative impact on young people and adults. Depending on games selected for play, many prove useful in education. Some work very well in rehabilitation after mental or physical injury.

Compulsive video game play is where problems begin. This compulsion is the same cycle seen in drug addiction, alcohol dependence, or gambling addiction. It leads to destruction throughout daily life.

As gaming grows in popularity, we see the problems they cause more clearly. These problems are why video game addiction treatment is now at the forefront of behavioral medicine. Destinations for Teens’ video game addiction treatment center in Woodland Hills, CA helps teens change their behaviors. These changes come from therapies and methods also used for other types of addiction and mental health problems.

Some of the most effective methods of video game addiction treatment include:

Exceptional, accessible care for teens and their families.

Destinations for Teens Treats Video Game Addiction

As a video game addiction treatment center, Destinations for Teens provides the therapies your teen needs for a healthier, happier, and more productive life. You can help your teen get back on the right life track, without an obsessive focus on video games or online gaming.

Treatment programs and methods used at Destinations for Teens include the above-listed therapies and an array of approaches, including:

Right now, you do not recognize your teen or their behaviors. But you can bring an end to the family distress and struggles caused by gaming addiction. Through video game addiction treatment in Woodland Hills, you can get your loving, attentive, and happy family back. Call Destinations for Teens now at 877.466.0620 for this critical treatment.