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It can be heartbreaking to realize that your son or daughter is abusing drugs and alcohol. While it’s not uncommon for teens to experiment with drinking or using illicit substances, many of them think they can stop using whenever they want. For some teens, what starts out as experimentation quickly turns into dependency. When the substance is cocaine, things can quickly spiral out of control. Are you worried that your child is abusing the drug and needs cocaine addiction treatment? The sooner you can get them into rehab, the better.

About Cocaine Addiction

A teen sets up a line of coke and is in need of cocaine addiction treatment in Los Angeles CAAlthough there’s intense focus on opioids and the accompanying crisis surrounding prescription pills and heroin, cocaine hasn’t disappeared. Some users prefer cocaine for its stimulating effects. It’s still considered a party drug, with people of all ages turning to it for recreational use.

Just because cocaine use may not be as widespread as other drugs, it’s no less dangerous, especially for adolescents. Teenagers are still developing, and any drug and alcohol use can have long-lasting adverse effects on their physical and mental health.

Getting your child into an effective cocaine addiction treatment program is crucial. The longer she uses any type of drug, the greater the risk of developmental problems. Our brains continue developing into our twenties, so when teens fall victim to addiction, the long-term consequences — including brain damage — can be devastating.

Does Your Child Need Cocaine Addiction Treatment?

You might wonder why your son or daughter would use cocaine in the first place. Like using marijuana or drinking alcohol, many teens give in to peer pressure. They may want to try the drug, believing they won’t get hooked on it, or they want to rebel. Cocaine is incredibly addictive, and it’s possible for someone to develop a dependency on it after just a few uses.

Signs that your teen may need cocaine addiction treatment include:

  • Falling grades
  • Loss of interest in activities
  • Change in friends
  • Extreme excitability
  • Frequent nosebleeds
  • Runny nose
  • Violent or hostile behavior

You might also notice missing money, as people need cash to support their habit. There may also be a new insistence on privacy. If you find any cocaine-related paraphernalia — such as razor blades or spoons — these are red flags you shouldn’t ignore.

Cocaine addiction treatment in Los Angeles CA can turn things around not only for your child but for your family as well. The right rehab facility understands that addiction doesn’t just affect the user — everyone who cares about him is affected, too.

Finding Cocaine Addiction Treatment for Your Teenager

Where do you begin to look for addiction treatment? If you’re in or near California, you have many options. However, not all rehabs are equipped to deal with teenagers’ unique challenges. To give your child the best chance at recovery, finding a treatment facility that treats this age group is essential. Cocaine addiction treatment in Los Angeles CA could be the solution your family has been seeking.

Professionals with experience in teen addiction understand that young people have different motivations and reasons for using when compared to older adults. In addition, most teens need heavy family involvement in rehab because they usually live at home. A well-rounded treatment plan addresses a client’s loved ones and the impact that addiction has on everyone.

A Welcoming Setting for Recovery

Destinations for Teens is a cocaine addiction treatment in Los Angeles CA that exclusively treats adolescents. We also treat a variety of other drug addictions, including meth, alcohol, and heroin.

Our qualified professionals utilize proven and experiential treatments as part of an integrated approach to care. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) fit into our program alongside rock and art therapy.

The programs we offer include:

If you recognize a need for cocaine addiction treatment for your teenager, then call our compassionate staff at 877-466-0620. We’ll give your child and your family the help you all need to heal.