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Destinations Teen Treatment Centers

Destinations for Teens takes pride in empowering our clients to overcome the challenges of addiction. To do so, we utilize our teen treatment centers across Southern California with proven treatment, therapy, and activities. Each location specializes in specific programs that will lead your teen through rehabilitation and recovery.

Kitchen in Cheney Home

Cheney House in Topanga, CA

Cheney House is also nestled in the oak trees of the Topanga Canyon. This nine-bed home serves adolescents (12-17-year-olds) with dual diagnosis rehabilitation for drug use and mental health disorders.

Amenities include a backyard pool and jacuzzi, along with a waterfall for reflection. Moreover, teens will attend school in a separate building, which includes a personal Mac computer for assignments and a gym for exercise and recreation.

Calenda House in Topanga, CA

Calenda House is a beautiful residential home in Topanga, CA. Serving 12-to-17-year-olds, this residential treatment program serves the needs of both the individual and their family.

Residential treatment can present a number of fears and unease for anyone facing addiction, including adults. As a result, our supportive staff will collaboratively work to develop a treatment plan with your specific needs at heart. During the first 72 hours, we’ll complete an overall assessment with our clinical team, including therapists, psychiatrists, and a nurse.

Lounge in Las Vegas Treatment Center

Hatteras House Treatment Center in Woodland Hills, CA

Hatteras house is one of three residential rehabilitation and treatment centers we operate for teens affected by drug use and/or mental health disorders. Our programs include teen mental health treatment, substance use treatment, and therapeutic services.

Lounge in Woodland Hills CA

Woodland Hills, CA Outpatient Center

Lastly, our Woodland Hills, CA location is an outpatient center for adolescents struggling with substance use and mental health problems. Through teen treatment programs and therapeutic services, your teen will have the courage to overcome the challenges of addiction while living at home.

For family members, outpatient programs allow parents to get involved throughout the process and remain an active member in their teens’ recovery.

Benefits of Teen Treatment Centers

Teen treatment centers address the needs of your teen for the best possible outcome in recovery. In fact, no one should ever face addiction alone. By seeking treatment at one of our facilities, your teen will have a better chance at sobriety and overall wellness. Contact Destinations for Teens today at 877-466-0620 to learn more about our teen treatment centers.