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12-Step Recovery in Los Angeles CA

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

A teen girl learns about 12 step recovery in los angeles ca from her therapistThere are some tried-and-true methods in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. The 12-step recovery model is one of them. Addiction specialists have long used this approach to help people overcome substance use and dependency. If you’re worried that your teenager has a substance use disorder, getting them into treatment as soon as possible is vital. See how effective rehab can make a big difference in your family’s future.

About the 12-Step Recovery Model

The 12-step recovery philosophy began in alcohol addiction treatment with Alcoholics Anonymous. Today, many clinicians use it to treat addictions to a range of substances. Whether it’s heroin, meth, or alcohol, the damaging effects of substance use are very similar. Therefore, rehab centers may use this approach due to its effectiveness.

What is 12-step recovery in Los Angeles CA like? Hallmarks of the program include admitting powerlessness over addiction and a belief in a higher power. While AA introduced a spiritual component to treatment (turning control over to a Supreme Being, for example), people don’t have to be religious to take advantage of the benefits of the 12 steps.

Can Teens Benefit From the 12-Step Recovery Philosophy?

This treatment model encourages group support, which is important to many adolescents. Teens want to feel accepted by their peers. When they attend a teen-specific rehab, they often reap the benefits of a treatment plan designed for this age group. Taking part in group therapy with kids who understand their unique struggles and issues can be a big motivator for sobriety.

Of course, adolescents are often more willing to open up to other teenagers. They may feel adults don’t understand their problems and pressures. However, by connecting with kids in their age group, they feel supported and encouraged. For the first time, they may believe they’re not alone.

By accepting their mistakes and taking personal inventory for their actions, they move toward improved mental health. Instead of using destructive coping mechanisms like drinking or abusing drugs, they’ll recognize their value and know they deserve better.

Recovery in Sunny Los Angeles, California

California has much to offer besides the pleasant climate and gorgeous scenery. The state also has many addiction treatment facilities. However, if you’re looking for 12 step recovery in Los Angeles CA that caters just to adolescents, you won’t find that everywhere.

Destinations for Teens is an addiction treatment and mental health facility with multiple locations in the Los Angeles area. Here, your son or daughter can enter a rehab center with programs designed for adolescents. Instead of trying to fit into an adult treatment program, which is unlikely to meet their needs, they can get the specialized help they need while surrounded by their peers.

For California and L.A. locals, 12 step recovery close to home increases the chance of family involvement, which is very beneficial for lasting recovery. Clients from out of state may appreciate the coastal setting, as well as being far from a negative environment that contributed to drug and alcohol use.

A Treatment Destination Just for Teens

An effective 12 step recovery in Los Angeles CA could give your family the fresh start it needs. At Destinations for Teens, we provide residential and outpatient treatment that involves adolescents and their loved ones. We treat addictions to alcohol, marijuana, and more.

With a combination of proven therapy methods and holistic treatments — such as art therapy, music therapy, and yoga — we promote healing at every level. We want your child to be healthy physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Our teen rehab center offers a variety of programs, such as:

If you believe your teen could benefit from a 12 step recovery program, give us a call today at 877-466-0620. It’s our hope to bring families together in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. Our friendly, compassionate team is ready to welcome your child and your family.