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Teen ADHD Treatment Program

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a teen boy realizes he needs a teen adhd treatment programAll parents want to see that their children are healthy, happy, and well-adjusted. When a mental health issue is present, you may find yourself facing some uncharted territory. Fortunately, medical professionals are learning more every day about ADHD, giving you and your teenager essential tools and skills to manage life with it. The right teen ADHD treatment can help your son or daughter achieve his or her goals and have a successful, stable future.

Does Your Child Need Teen ADHD Treatment?

According to CHADD, ADHD often first develops in young children, but it may not be diagnosed until much later. Sometimes, teachers label these kids difficult or learning-disabled. These labels often prevent them from getting treatment that helps them excel. As a result, their grades and self-confidence may plummet. Without proper intervention, it’s hard for them to reach their full potential.

How do you know if your child needs teen ADHD treatment? Hyperactivity isn’t always present, and even when it is, misinformed professionals may merely say a boy or girl is disruptive and inattentive.

According to CHADD, symptoms of ADHD in teens include:

  • Impulsive behavior
  • Forgetfulness
  • Inability to focus and concentrate
  • High levels of conflict with parents

It requires a doctor’s diagnosis, so if you suspect your child has this disorder, contact your pediatrician. With a proper diagnosis, you can then explore your options in a teen ADHD treatment program.

The Connection Between ADHD and Substance Use

Too many people with mental health disorders aren’t getting the treatment they need. Some of them turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with their negative emotions or to bury the pain of failure. This often leads to the need for dual diagnosis treatment when substance use turns into dependency and then addiction. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, many people with addictions also deal with mental illnesses.

The Difference a Teen ADHD Treatment Program Can Make

While there’s no cure for ADHD, the right teen ADHD treatment can significantly improve your child’s behavior and outlook. It may involve a combination of medication (such as Adderall or Concerta) with psychotherapy or other treatments. There’s no single correct approach to care. Instead, professionals should individualize treatment to ensure the best chances of success.

Whether it’s a teen bipolar disorder treatment program or teen ADHD treatment program your son or daughter needs, getting the help that addresses an adolescent’s unique issues and struggles is essential. Kids are still developing on many levels, including emotionally and physically.

When professionals target teen ADHD treatment that’s most effective for this age group, it gives kids the chance to improve on all levels. Their school performance can improve, which often increases self-confidence and self-esteem. They may also experience better social skills, which can increase their happiness as they feel more connected to their peers and their family members.

Premier Addiction and Mental Health Treatment for Teens Only

Let Destinations for Teens in Woodland Hills, California give your son or daughter the exceptional, collaborative care he or she needs to experience total well-being. Our dedicated and skilled staff exclusively treat teenagers. This makes us unique in the addiction and mental health treatment industry.

Our approach is to integrate family members into an adolescent’s treatment plan. We personalize care to the individual to ensure the best treatment. In addition, our residential and outpatient programs include a combination of evidence-based therapy and holistic options.

The services we offer include:

You only want the best for your child. Let us provide it. With teen ADHD treatment that focuses on the unique needs of your adolescent and family, our supportive team can give your son or daughter a brighter outlook. Whether it’s marijuana addiction or a combination of drug abuse and mental illness your family is grappling with, Destinations for Teens is here to help. Reach out to us today at 877.466.0620 to find out more.