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Teen Bipolar Disorder Treatment Program

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A teen girl visits her teen sister at a teen bipolar disorder treatment programBipolar disorder is a serious and life-changing mental illness. It comes with side effects that are more than just mood swings. It also requires psychotherapy, medication, and other tools designed to help your teen cope with their diagnosis. Through quality teen bipolar disorder treatment in Southern California, your teen gains more stability in daily life and for their future.

About Teen Bipolar Disorder Treatment

For most young people with a bipolar disorder diagnosis, treatment combines medication with talk therapy. Because of the possibility of severe depressive or manic symptoms, residential teen bipolar disorder treatment usually works best.

In a teen bipolar disorder treatment program, your young person’s mood finds more stability. Their substance use issues receive treatment and their suicide risk or long-term problems reduce. This means the person who enters teen bipolar disorder treatment comes home with a renewed sense of self and well-being.

Medication in Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Medication can play a significant role in your young person’s bipolar disorder treatment. These medications vary from person to person and according to their age, symptoms, and side effects. However, the medications provide great promise for stability.

Bipolar medications include mood stabilizers, antidepressants, and antipsychotics. Mood stabilizers include lithium and valproic acid, among other drugs. These treat symptoms of mania or hypomania. Mania is the extreme upswing in bipolar disorder moods, with hypomania being a milder form. In the downswing, individuals with bipolar disorder feel deeply depressed.

Antidepressants help your teen stop feeling effects of depression. However, these drugs can sometimes cause a manic episode. Therefore, teens in treatment often need another medication to prevent wide mood swings. Antipsychotics treat symptoms of depression and mania when other drugs don’t work.

Whatever medications your teen takes at the beginning of treatment, these drugs will likely change in dosage, type, or formulation. Finding the right medication is a trial and error process for anyone, whether young or old. Therefore, this provides clear reason for your teen to undergo this treatment in a residential teen bipolar disorder treatment program. This is because one of the worst things your teen can do for himself or herself is to quit taking prescribed medication without a doctor’s help.

Role of Talk Therapy in Your Teen’s Bipolar Disorder Treatment

Your teen needs a mix of talk therapies during their teen bipolar disorder treatment program. These therapies include one-on-one counseling, group therapy, family therapy, and behavioral therapies.

Individual counseling plays a significant role in a teen bipolar disorder treatment program. This counseling helps your teen understand their condition, its symptoms, and methods of treatment, as well as what to expect of their future. Healthy living is a big focus of this therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, works well for bipolar disorder. This helps your teen understand and acknowledge their own irrational beliefs. They connect these beliefs to their problem behaviors. The therapy helps them correct the negative thoughts and beliefs for better stability in their life with bipolar disorder.

Other therapies help strengthen and even heal relationships between your teen and other family members. Therapy brings coping skills and a generally more positive outlook for the future. Each type of therapy offers its own benefits, so a mix provides multiple ways to dig deeply into your teen’s needs for real progress.

Teen Bipolar Disorder Treatment in California

In Woodland Hills, California, your young person’s bipolar disorder treatment program provides the therapies, medications and other treatments they need for a healthy and productive life. This program at Destinations for Teens addresses the mental illness and other conditions they suffer. Programs and services at Destinations for Teens include the following:

Your teen deserves the best possible chance in life, one of stability, happiness, and productivity. So call Destinations for Teens now at 877-466-0620 to learn more about teen bipolar disorder treatment.