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Teenage Mood Disorder Treatment Program

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teen stares at her fake smiling self in anger to represent the need for a teenage mood disorder treatment programSuffering a mood disorder can make your teen challenging to live with, even beyond the typical teenage moodiness we all expect. In fact, a mood disorder affects all areas of life and changes his or her path into the future. Therefore, at this critical development stage, your loved one needs teenage mood disorder treatment designed for teenagers’ specific needs. Through this treatment, he or she will regain hope for a bright future and not settle because of troubling symptoms.

Does My Teen Need Teenage Mood Disorder Treatment?

If you’re wondering if your teenager needs a teenage anxiety treatment program or help with a mood disorder, you aren’t alone. Knowing if your teen suffers a mood disorder is difficult without a doctor’s help. However, many symptoms appear with these conditions that seem more extreme than typical mood changes and mood swings of an adolescent.

Teen mood disorders result in bouts of depression or manic symptoms. These symptoms often occur as sudden, extreme sadness and unexplained bursts of energy and liveliness. Other signs include:

  • Highly negative thinking
  • Low physical energy and fatigue
  • Ongoing low mood
  • Fascination with or thoughts of suicide
  • Uncontrolled, agitated behavior
  • Irritability and restlessness
  • Feelings of rejection

If your teen suffers manic symptoms, you see shifts in his or her behaviors and mood. With a teen mood disorder, your teen may also withdraw from favorite people and activities. You notice changes in appetite, sleep patterns, and physical wellness. Many teens with mood disorders suffer stomach aches and other physical problems.

The Many Types of Mood Disorders

You need professional help in knowing if your teen needs teenage mood disorder treatment. One major reason for this need is the number of common mood disorder types. Although most group together as “depression,” this common symptom points to a possibility of many types of mood disorders. Some of these disorders include major depressive disorder, seasonal affective disorder, bipolar disorder, cyclothymic disorder, premenstrual dysphoric disorder, and persistent depressive disorder.

Major depressive disorder is among the most common of conditions requiring a teenage mood disorder treatment program. Simply called depression, this mental health problem causes low mood lasting more than two weeks. It is sometimes triggered by life events but lingers well beyond a typical time period for returning to normal balance. With this condition, your teen feels little to no joy and instead feels deep hopelessness.

Seasonal affective disorder is depression caused by low sunlight exposure. You notice these symptoms more in the winter than in summer. Bipolar disorder is depression mixed with manic episodes or hypomania. Cyclothymic disorder is like bipolar disorder, but symptoms come and go to a lesser extreme.

Many teen girls experience struggles as part of menstruation and well before, marked by depressive symptoms. These symptoms grow worse over time, as part of premenstrual dysphoric disorder. Other teens need a teenage mood disorder treatment program for chronic depression lasting for multiple years, known as persistent depressive disorder.

Whether your loved one suffers one of these conditions or another type of mental illness, he or she needs a teenage mood disorder treatment program. In a peer-oriented program designed for teenagers, your teen can safely undergo the therapies and other treatments necessary for greater stability and happiness in daily life. This treatment includes help for substance use disorder if your teen suffers a dual diagnosis.

Teenage Mood Disorder Treatment in Woodland Hills, California

In Woodland Hills, California, Destinations for Teens provides the teenage mood disorder treatment your loved teen needs. Programs include multiple levels of care in California, including residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment.

Programs of Destinations for Teens include the following:

Through the right teenage mood disorder treatment, you get a happier, healthier young person. You also build a better future for your whole family through family involvement in your teen’s program. So call Destinations for Teens now at 877.466.0620¬†for more information about available programs.