When a teen needs some extra focus,

away from their home environment.

Care and Support for Your Teen through Residential Treatment

The path to wellness requires commitment, trust, and transparency between client and caregiver. This is why we work with every family to create a custom treatment plan for their teenager. Our staff will address not only the emotional and behavioral needs of clients, but also their academic, physical, and social needs, as well as issues within the family and home. Therefore, our teen residential treatment program is the perfect place to start.

Researchers estimate that between 50-90% of adolescents in treatment for substance use disorders also have diagnosable mental health challenges. That is why Destinations’ provides a dual diagnosis treatment track in addition to mental health treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment in California

We ask families to commit to at least 45 days upfront because the process of expelling chemicals from the body can take several weeks. Teens receiving treatment for addiction will go to meetings (AA, NA, etc.), and have recovery and therapy sessions. Our therapeutic services focus on determining the causes and triggers of each teen’s addiction. This helps teens develop coping methods to combat cravings, and redirecting them to a healthy alternative.

Mental Health Treatment in California

Although the length of a program can vary and some teens make it through faster than others, we ask families to commit to at least 30 days of treatment upfront. Rather than focusing on length of stay, we choose to focus on treatment methods that will produce the most positive outcome for your teen. Our team treatment approach involves cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and an emphasis on coping skills, while your teen participates in creative therapies that allow them to express themselves in a caring, nurturing environment. Outdoor activities, physical fitness, body movements, and yoga will also get your teen moving, so he or she can begin to understand the positive effects of exercise on your mental health.

A Commitment to Education

As a parent, you want to ensure your teen won’t fall behind in school during treatment.

Destinations offers intensive school support so each teen can keep pace with their peers. Our teachers will oversee the curriculum and will ensure they get the support necessary to stay on track. Destinations maintains relationships with several reputable, recognized, and accredited online schools to assist teens and families that choose that route. Furthermore, our academics team also provides SAT preparation and vocational skill exploration.

Parental Involvement in Teen Residential Treatment

Parental involvement is a critical component to all of our teen addiction treatment programs. During orientation, parents will meet the entire treatment team. This includes the individual and family therapist, education director, nurse, and the clinical director. Therefore, you can better understand their individual roles and how each of them will interact with you and your teen. We require parents to attend therapy sessions and family education classes. Moreover, we will work with you to create a schedule for therapeutic visits. This will help your teen adjust to his or her new lifestyle.

Recovery requires patience, but together, through a shared commitment to your teen’s health, we will make your family whole again. To learn more, contact Destinations for Teens today at 877.466.0620. Your path to overall wellness is a phone call away.