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Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Musical intelligence involves the ability to conceive, compose, perform, perceive, and understand music. The Beats program at Destinations for Teens offers an introduction to music production through cultural and technological lenses. Participants will learn to use music production software to create remixes, mashups, and original pieces of music. Contact Destinations for Teens by calling 877.466.0620 to learn more about this life-changing program.

What Is Looping?

Looping is a technique that allows the musician to record and repeat a snippet of music. Different genres of music use loops in different ways. Hip-hop music producers create loop-based compositions to provide structure and rhythm for poetry. Electronic dance music (a sub-genre of hip hop known as EDM) producers also use loop-based compositions but rely on prerecorded vocal and instrumental clips in the foreground. As music evolves, producers pull from different genres, making it impossible and pointless to attempt to categorize specific pieces of music. Once producers in the Beats program understand the basics, they can start breaking the rules to create new and original compositions.

What Is Beat Making?

Beat making involves the production of music using computer software to create and repeat sounds. The music produced in beat making is usually loop-based, emphasizing rhythm, and repetition. It often involves sampling parts of songs that have already been created. Depending on your family’s culture, you may have been encouraged to recognize individual layers of a musical composition as a child. The Therapeutic Beat Making (TBM) program at Destinations for Teens offers an integrated approach to music production for teens with mental health and substance use disorders.

Why Do Certain Types of Music Make Me Want to Get High?

People with substance use disorder often have fond memories of their initial experiences with drinking and drug use. These initial experiences often involve music. Music has been proven to have the following effects on the brain:

  • Increasing endorphin levels
  • Regulating stress hormones
  • Reducing muscle tension
  • Improving self-confidence

As you have probably realized, teens begin using drugs and alcohol because they offer many of these same effects. Although some teens can use drugs and alcohol in moderation, many cannot. At Destinations for Teens, we believe that helping teens reconstruct their relationship with music is essential in helping them get sober. 

Should I Really Be Encouraging my Child to Become a DJ?

Music is everywhere; gaining an understanding of music production helps us understand the world around us. While DJing mainly involves transitioning from one song to the next, the Beats program at Destinations for Teens offers more than access to turntables; participants learn how music is actually produced, improving their understanding of technology, music, and American culture. The Beats program offers an introduction to hip hop music production, history, lyrics, rhythm, software, and history. Most people enjoy listening to music because of its effect on their mood, breathing, body temperature, hormones, thinking, processing, memory, and even cognition. Music can even affect how people experience the environment around them. For a person who has spent months or years focused mainly on acquiring and using drugs, music can provide a pathway toward normalcy.

Building Musical Intelligence Starts at Destinations for Teens

Having knowledge about the things we enjoy improves self-confidence and interpersonal relationships. The ability to detect nuances and shifts in musical compositions is empowering. Still, the real source of empowerment in the Beats program comes from developing the ability to use a complicated piece of technology to create something unique. Destinations for Teens offers an array of programs designed to help teens connect with their world and themselves, including:

California's Best Music Therapy Program for Teens

To learn more about the Beats program at Destinations for Teens, contact us online or by calling 877.466.0620.