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Family Therapy for Teens

Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Happy family following family therapy for teensFamily therapy plays an important role in your teen’s life, just as it does for your whole family’s well-being. During this type of therapy, your whole family recovers from issues that develop due to your teen’s addiction or mental health problems. You also gain the support you need for mutual understanding, better communication, and happier days ahead.

Substance use and other behavioral problems don’t usually appear out of nowhere. Problems existed in the family before your teen started struggling or entered teen mental health treatment. Therapy helps your family identify disconnects in the family unit and how to heal those problems.

Exceptional, Accessible care for teens and their families.

When Do You Need Family Therapy?

When one family member struggles, it affects the entire unit. Each individual feels the effects, much like a shock wave with separate and mutual impact. For true healing of your teen and everyone else in the family, you need family therapy.

First and foremost, family counseling supports your teen’s efforts toward recovery, balance, and wellness. It’s important to understand that problems with one member of the family often show a more significant family problem exists. If you only treat your teen for their issues, you leave the rest of the family without wellness. The continuing problems in the family only drive your recovering teen or others back to the same types of issues in the future.

Unlike individual counseling, family sessions work on solving clear problems in the group. This type of therapy takes less time than individual counseling to start seeing the positive effects. Your therapist tunes into specific issues and helps your family set clear goals for healing. You work together to achieve those goals.

What to Expect During Family Therapy

Family therapy usually starts with the therapist meeting with your teen, followed by a meeting with all family members. After the first session or so, your family therapist decides which approaches or methods will work best. Your therapist may combine several approaches to give your family the best chance at healing.

From teenage anxiety treatment to substance use, this type of therapy helps a wide range of problems. The sessions help your family resolve conflicts. They also teach loved ones better communication methods and healthy problem-solving techniques.

When your family goes into therapy, remember to support your teen in treatment. Approach problems as group issues, with everyone working together to solve them. Everyone needs to take responsibility for their part. However, some problems or behavior patterns require individual change.

Always see your family’s therapy through to the end. This type of counseling works best when everyone in the family shows up and participates. If the therapist assigns “homework,” do that work. After all, these important sessions help solve your family’s problems for a better future.

About Destinations for Teens

Destinations for Teens provides the help your whole family needs after teen behavioral, mental health or substance use problems. One hurting family member usually represents some bigger problems that you must solve within your family. With the right type of counseling, your teen and your whole family can heal.

Destinations for Teens provides treatment of substance use, including for alcohol, marijuana, meth, heroin and other substances. Teen mental health treatment is also available, whether alone or as a dual diagnosis approach.

Our therapeutic services include:

For your teen and the rest of your family, healing begins at Destinations for Teens. Don’t let your family continue on a negative path to destruction. Call Destinations for Teens now at 877-466-0620 for more information on our family therapy services.