these kids benefit from a teen education program while in recovery

Will My Teen Fall Behind in School if They Receive Treatment?

What is the biggest concern families have when deciding to enroll their teen in residential treatment? School attendance and how it will impact a teen’s ability to transition back to their home school program. Destinations for Teens, however, has already considered this need and offers a daily educational program. Our teen education program keeps teens…

a person holds a ribbon to recognize world mental health day

Recognizing World Mental Health Day in October

Becoming aware of mental health and effective treatment needs to be an ongoing discussion in our homes and communities, according to the World Federation of Mental Health. To raise awareness about mental health, the organization established World Mental Health Day in 1992. Since then, mental health has been celebrated worldwide on October 10, with participants advocating for…

a group discusses different exercise therapy techniques

3 Different Exercise Therapy Techniques

Overcoming drug and alcohol addiction is often difficult for teens. In addition to detox, therapeutic services can help support teens to learn to become aware of the causes of their addiction and how to consistently fight their urges. Destinations for Teens’ exercise therapy program is a holistic treatment option helping teens remain sober. Learn the…

teens participate in a successful CA teen drug rehab

Drug Rehab for Teenagers

Being a teenager isn’t easy. Unfortunately, drugs that give energy and promote relaxation are often habit-forming. Not every teen who uses drugs develops an addiction, but many teens do. Peer pressure often plays a role when teens see others participating and want to feel a sense of belonging. Many teens cite the euphoric feeling associated…

a teen goes through heroin withdrawal

Can Heroin Withdrawal Kill You?

Becoming sober is one of the best accomplishments you can ever achieve. However, it’s not easy. Anyone who has suffered from painful heroin withdrawal symptoms knows the struggles associated with overcoming addiction. And one of the greatest questions asked: “can heroin withdrawal kill you?” The short answer is no. The longer response: seek help. Destinations…

teen prescription drug use is at the forefront of this adolescent's mind

5 Ways Addicts Get Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are commonly prescribed to teens to help them deal with pain or concentrate on their schoolwork. While some teens can use drugs without consequences, many are unable to do so. If quitting on their own hasn’t been effective for your child, Destinations for Teens can help. But what happens when teens become addicted…

a teen thrives from her adolescent-specific rehab program

Benefits of Adolescent-Specific Rehab

If your teen is showing signs of a substance use disorder, admitting they need help might feel impossible. Some parents blame themselves and are afraid to “punish” their child. Some parents have trouble telling the difference between experimentation and chemical dependence. If your child’s life is becoming derailed due to drugs and alcohol, a residential…

a teen goes through cocaine withdrawal

Helping a Friend Through Cocaine Withdrawal

Cocaine is a stimulant drug that is popular amongst teens. Many teen users feel a sense of energy and confidence, while others like that it also works as an appetite suppressant. However, the initial stimulation associated with cocaine does not outweigh its danger. Cocaine is an addictive drug. Many people who began using cocaine as…

teen adderall use is depicted with these pills

Adderall Misuse and Abuse in Teens

Staying focused isn’t easy in today’s world. The prospect of getting into a good college and, in some cases, getting scholarships can cause some teens to use stimulants such as Adderall to improve their alertness. But what happens when that one-time use becomes an ongoing need? Destinations for Teens provides comprehensive Adderall addiction treatment for…