Woman struggling with addiction like others in the heroin epidemic

Heroin Epidemic

Adolescence is a difficult time, even without a heroin epidemic. Complex changes related to developing and maturing lead to awkward emotions, self-esteem problems, and anxiety. Peer pressure and socializing can create stress, as can balancing academics, personal development, and hobbies. Since the human brain’s decision-making centers are constantly evolving until your late 20s, teenagers are…

Woman displaying some signs of OCD

Signs of OCD

Mental illness and substance abuse problems impact more than 20% of Americans annually. Psychological health problems, such as the signs of OCD, can become challenging to identify and diagnose in young adults and adolescents because the brain continues to develop until your late 20s. Adolescence is also a time when teenagers are developing their sense…

Young boy learning about CBT techniques

CBT Techniques for Addiction

Psychotherapists first began using Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) techniques more than 50 years ago. Initially, these techniques were effective in the treatment of diverse mental health conditions such as anxiety, phobias, personality disorders, and schizophrenia. It was only within the last ten years that CBT techniques became a popular treatment tool for the addiction treatment…

Therapist discusses family therapy activities and ideas

Family Therapy Activities and Ideas

Addiction and mental health problems hurt more than just your teen who suffers these problems. These behavioral health issues affect your whole family. This is why family therapy activities play such a big role in your teen’s treatment. Through family therapy and under the guidance of a licensed therapist, your family heals and then rebuilds…

Doctor explains to her patient the differences between iop vs php

Differences Between IOP vs PHP

Not every facet of addiction treatment needs to focus on inpatient care. There are plenty of circumstances where the client qualifies for some level of outpatient care. However, the question is, “what level of outpatient care is appropriate.” That’s really a decision for an addiction treatment facility’s clinicians to make. Among the choices would be…