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3 Benefits of Trying Family Therapy Activities

Have you ever felt like you needed additional support in communicating with your children and partner? Family therapy is the solution. In a family therapy program, you will identify the root of conflicts existing within your family. Then, with the help of a therapist, your family will work to resolve their conflicts with an understanding of the distinct role that everyone plays in your family dynamic. There are several reasons family therapy is so important to the development of young adults. A recent study reveals the increased presence of depression amongst teens. In 2019, for example, 16 percent of adolescents between the ages of 12-17 had experienced depression. And in 2020, 67 percent of adolescents between 15-17 were unlikely to live in a two-parent household. This data reveals an opportunity to help teens and their families. Destinations for Teens provides family therapy sessions to support adolescents enrolled in our treatment programs. Contact us at 877.466.0620 to learn how we can help your family learn to deal with life’s challenges in a positive manner.

3 Benefits of Family Therapy Activities

In life, we all experience traumatic moments. However, we do not experience these moments alone. Whether we are dealing with a challenge at school or work, our family will also be impacted. And if a teen is experiencing anxiety, depression, or substance use disorder, every family member is affected. Family therapy can support teens and their families as they navigate difficult moments in their lives. Here are some benefits to participating in a therapy program designed specifically for families:

Work With A Licensed Professional

Extended family and friends might want to help you learn to communicate better. They might even want to help you learn how to cope with traumas impacting your family. However, a licensed therapist is trained to support your family’s journey. Therapists have the experience to help families focus on their needs and not rely on external forces such as their social circle or social media to solve their problems. A therapist will identify the root of a problem and then work with each member to create stronger bonds and communicate effectively.

Enhance Communication Within Your Family

Talking to your children can often feel like a struggle. If they are experiencing puberty, they might be less likely to be forthcoming with you. And guess what? They more than likely feel a sense of anxiety about talking to you, too. This can present a conflict in which you both do not understand what they are doing wrong, and in some cases, everyone involved can feel neglected. In a family therapy program, a counselor will support your family members in participating in clear communication. A therapist will identify and share techniques that will help you break the communication barrier and then provide a safe space so that everyone can learn about each other’s feelings.

Learn New Coping Skills

There are defining, life-altering moments in every family that cause us all to react differently. While some members of our family will be very forthcoming in their feelings, others can be reserved and quiet. However, not knowing how to cope or support each other in difficult times can have a lasting impact on your family. By working with a therapist, every member of your family can have their feelings addressed. Your clan can learn the best coping strategies to understand each other’s feelings through structured family therapy activities.

Participate in a Family Therapy Program At Destinations for Teens

The benefits of family therapy activities are invaluable to adolescents and their relatives. As teens navigate anxiety, depression, and even substance use disorder, they need their family present to support their needs. But being present is only half the battle. Family members need to be invested in the practice of participating in therapy sessions. Family therapy programs help families communicate and use positive coping skills with an experienced therapist. If your teen is struggling with substance use disorder or depression, they need more than a treatment center–they need you. Participating in family therapy activities can help your teen believe that they have the assistance of their family as they navigate this critical time in their lives. If your teen needs help, Destinations for Teens provides several therapeutic options, including:

  • Residential treatment
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Art and Music Therapy
  • Mindfulness

Contact Destinations for Teens [direct] to begin learning how to communicate effectively with your teen.