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5 Expectations in a Teen Inpatient Treatment Center

More than 11 million teens have used illicit drugs in the last year, causing the need for parents to seek addiction treatment options to increase. Deciding to enroll your son or daughter in an inpatient drug center for teens can be difficult. Perhaps you feel like your teen can beat their substance use disorder on their own. Or, you might believe that it is genuinely not a problem. However, if your teen is using drugs recreationally or consistently, there is an opportunity for them to become addicted. Therefore, you need to seek teen substance use treatment before it is too late. There are many addiction treatment programs available to teens. Each of these programs may focus on the recovery process differently.

5 Things to Expect from a Teen Inpatient Treatment Center

Choosing an addiction treatment center with your teen can be overwhelming. It is a good idea to keep some general considerations in mind when making a selection.

1. Duration of Residential Treatment for Teens

Teen rehabilitation can last from 30 to 90 days in an inpatient program, with 45 days being the standard. Teens will live in the facility and have access to care from mental health and medical professionals who will support their recovery process.

2. Individual Therapy Is Part of Teen Inpatient Care

A medical detox offered through a partial hospitalization program will help to flush toxins from your body. But the real work begins when your teen must realize why they were using drugs or alcohol. Individual therapy sessions will allow your teen to work one-on-one with a therapist to discover their triggers and how to conquer them. In residential treatment for teens, individual therapy is a mandatory requirement because it will allow teens the opportunity to express their feelings with a professional who can support their recovery.

3. Education Is a Priority at an Inpatient Drug Center for Teens

One of the most significant priorities to consider when enrolling in an inpatient care program is ensuring your teen can keep up in school. Education is a requirement of a teen inpatient care program. Education staff is present to provide lessons and academic support to all teens enrolled. The educational programs ensure that teens can concentrate on recovery and remain in control of their academic success.

4. Group and Creative Therapy Plays an Integral Role in Residential Treatment

Group therapy programs will help your teen understand that they are not alone in their addiction or recovery. These opportunities let teens actively listen to the experiences of others while also sharing their journey. Their ability to participate will help them develop strong friendships with other teens who are in recovery. It is not uncommon for teens to refuse to speak. Creative therapy services also play a significant role in residential treatment programs for teens. These activities can include:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Photography
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Surf
  • Meditation

Alternative therapies allow teens to express their emotions while potentially learning new skills and talents that they can use after they leave the program.

5. Relapse Prevention Plans to Maintain Sobriety

When a teen has completed inpatient care for addiction, there is still a long recovery road. No teen will ever leave a residential program without a strategy to remain sober. This plan will include an outpatient program that includes follow-up appointments, therapy sessions, and more.

Get Inpatient Care For Addiction at Destinations for Teens

There is no embarrassment in seeking help for addiction. The sooner your teen attends an inpatient drug center for teens, the closer they are to breaking their addiction cycle. With inpatient care, there is no shame or embarrassment present. Instead, every resident is working on understanding their reasons for substance use disorder and finding ways not to turn to abuse. Inpatient drug treatment centers such as Destinations for Teens provide teens with an individualized understanding of their needs and therapeutic services that will aid them in recovery. Contact the professionals at Destinations for Teens 877.466.0620 to begin your teen’s recovery.