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Our Programs & Activities Will Guide Your Teen Through Rehab

Addiction Help for Teens

Adolescents spend a great deal of time searching for their own identity. They explore and rebel to discover who they are as a person. Sometimes, teens will find themselves facing a drug or alcohol problem as a result of their desire to explore. Read on to discover more about unique issues that apply to addiction in adolescents. Learn what to look for in addiction help for teens.

About Addiction in Teens

Addiction affects teens differently than it does adults due to the constant changes that adolescents bodies and brains are going through during this stage of development. The brain itself doesn’t reach its full maturity until approximately 25 years of age, and hormone levels are rapidly in flux during this time. Therefore, the effects of drugs and alcohol are different in teens. Adolescents are more prone to dependency because their developing brains lead them to be more likely to take risks. Heavy drug use during this period can lead to long-term adverse effects on the brain such as changes to the neural pathways, overstimulation of the brain’s reward circuit, and increased tolerance. Teens find it challenging to see the long-term consequences of their current action. That’s why the addiction help for teens California offers is so important.

Addiction Help for Teens

Fortunately, there is addiction help for teens in California. If you suspect your teen is dealing with dependency on drugs or alcohol, a professional treatment center can provide the resources necessary for them to overcome the effects of these substances on their brains and bodies. They can gain control of their lives again and live healthily. Treatment centers can offer behavior therapy, coping strategies, and educational tools that give teens the means for overcoming their addiction and preventing future relapse. Family and group therapies are also beneficial as addiction help for teens because they allow kids to learn more adaptive ways for dealing with others and improve relationships. Also, alumni groups and other such recovery support for aftercare are useful in maintaining sobriety.

What Addiction Treatment Can Offer

As you can see, professional teen substance abuse treatment programs can be quite valuable in helping your child to overcome addiction. When seeking the addiction help for teens California offers, it’s essential to learn about what facilities have to offer. Highlights of Destinations for Teens include:

Seeking professional addiction help for teens is the first step to wellness. Your family doesn’t have to do this alone. Please give our office a call at 877-466-0620 to schedule a consultation and to begin the path toward returning to healthy living.